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Safe mode, or safe mode in French, is a mode used to access essential features of your phone. So, when an application or other program is not optimized, and crashes your phone, safe mode will allow you to bypass this buggy program and access your smartphone anyway.

Real essential Android tool, we will try to better understand how it works, and in what context it will be most useful to you.

In this article, we will explain to you how safe mode works on Android, and how to use it on your Android smartphone.

What is Safe Mode on Android

The operating system Android is a vast site open source, where the main advantage is freedom of action. Thus, you have access to many tools of personalization, whether it is your theme, launcher, applications ...

All over the web, you have access to all kinds of tools and applications to expand your library of tools.

This is an incredible advantage. Unlike Apple, which seeks a standardization of its iPhones, here the freedom of use remains whole.

However, who says freedom, also says its share of problems and dysfunctions of all kinds. Logically, by wanting to try too many programs, and those also created by a little everyone, it happens that these do not work properly.

And what to do when his phone is completely crashed and does not want to restart because of a new application that is deemed to be functional?

This is where Android's safe mode takes on its full meaning.

When you launch safe mode, your phone will only use the essential and useful functions at startup. So, any superfluous, useless application basic phone operation will not be launched. You will be able, from this safe mode, to launch these applications one by one and thus determine which one crashes your system, to remove it and make everything work again.

Why use safe mode on your phone

So you understand the usefulness of such a tool. Whenan application crashes your phone, you must access the menu of uninstallation for Supprimer. When you start a smartphone normally, it will potentially launch the various applications already installed on it.

And if one of them conflicts with a bug when the phone is launched correctly, nothing works.

This is also the case if a virus or spyware has potentially infiltrated your phone. If you have any doubts about the security of an application or a file, run safe mode and delete the suspicious item.

There is the same on pc, of the same name. The safe mode thus allows remove any malicious or bug-filled program at the source.

Is it risky to use safe mode?

This question may be relevant when one does not not mastering the tools too much and that we do not know what we are doing. You are right to be careful, but rest assured, no risk with safe mode. This allows you to use it without damaging your phone or the data stored on it.

The only thing to watch out for are the options available next to safe mode. When you will be able to launch it, you will also see the option " hard reset " or " factory reset". Do not press on it, it is the button to reset your phone!

Alors how to use safe mode on your Android phone?

How to restart your smartphone in safe mode?

In order to restart your phone in safe mode, the procedure varies depending on the trademark de phone that you have.

In general, the procedure is as follows:

Use safe mode on most Android smartphones

La procedure is the same for most phones, we detail the exceptions below. Try this technique first, if it doesn't work, or if your mobile phone brand is specified below, then go to the next paragraph:

  • Keep pressing the "  " , for turn off your phone
  • When you see the different options appear on the screen: switch off, redémarrer, or airplane mode, keep pressed for a few seconds on the option " switch off« 
  • You will see the option " safe mode »Validate the procedure

This manipulation works for the majority of Android phones. If that doesn't work for you, here are the alternatives:

Launch secure mode on Huawei phones

For phones Huawei, safe mode starts when the phone starts up. Here is the procedure:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Restart your phone by pressing the "  " , and also " "high volume", Simultaneously
  • Release both buttons when the logo Huawei appears on the screen
  • You will see different options on the screen, logically press " safe mode " or " safe mode« 

Safe mode for Samsung and Wiko smartphones

The procedure is almost identical in smartphones from Samsung and Wiko:

  • Turn off your phone
  • Relight normally, until you see the Samsung or WIko logo. At this point, also press the " low volume", On the side of your phone
  • As explained previously, choose from the options that appear the safe mode

Here are different methods to launch safe mode on your Android phone. The procedure is fairly straightforward, and varies little by brand of phone. If none of these techniques have worked for you, then refer to the manufacturer directly, where you can have more precise information.

If you want more information on advanced Android manipulations, it's this way :