listen to music on two bluetooth speakers with one android device

You are organizing a party at home, and in the absence of large speakers, you want to broadcast as much sound as possible in the room with several small speakers. You want them connect together in order to synchronize the sound and control the music from one phone.

Or you want to watch a movie and broadcast the sound from different places in order to better distribute the noise. Whatever the reasons you want connect two Bluetooth speakers to a single Android phone.

First and foremost, you should know that the question is more complicated than it looks. Indeed, it is not possible to put music on two bluetooth speakers with one android device only under certain specific conditions.

The objective of this article is to detail these conditions as well as possible, and provide you with as many answers as possible.

Here is how to put music on two bluetooth speakers with your android smartphone.

How to connect two speakers to one Android phone

As you will discover in this article, certain conditions must be met in order to be able to use two speakers on the same phone.

We will show you the different methods in order to be able to put music on two bluetooth speakers with one android phone

Using Samsung's Dual Audio feature

This feature, as the name suggests, is only available on Samsung phones. This feature was developed on the Samsung Galaxy S8, so you are unlikely to be able to do it on previous versions.

To pair two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously on your phone, here is how to do it:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Open the " Connections« 
  • Open the menu " advanced »At the top right, or 3 small vertical dots
  • Activate the option " dual-audio« 

From there you can as well connect two audio devices simultaneously to your Samsung smartphone. If, however, you want to connect a 3rd, this will not be possible, you will simply eject the 1st which has been connected.

Connect two Bluetooth speakers with Bose Connect Simple Sync

In the continuity of tips for pairing two audio devices to one phone, you can use the app Bose Connect simple sync. Please note, as its name suggests, this feature is not available. only with Bose hardware, and not all speakers.

To know the list of compatible devices, it's this way :

Bose devices compatible with Simple Sync

So if you have two devices from this list, then you can download this app, in order to connect to the same phone. It works with all android devices.

bose connect application to pair two bluetooth devices with an android smartphone

Once downloaded, it is very easy to use, all you have to do is launch it then perform a classic Bluetooth search, and thus connect the two speakers.

If, however, neither of these two solutions is possible for you, because you have no samsung phone, or because you don't have Bose speaker, here is an alternative solution that will allow you to stream the same music from different Bluetooth speakers.

Use the App Me app to create a music lounge and control multiple Bluetooth speakers at the same time

This application allows you to achieve the same result, but with multiple phones. It is therefore not possible to connect two Bluetooth speakers to the same phone.

Instead, you can create a living room, with a choice of music, and after that synchronize and redirect this music on different speakers. This therefore allows you to have a music perfectly synchronized on several speakers at the same time.

Clearly, if you have several phones available, you can sync these phones, and so stream the same music to the Bluetooth speakers. The method is different, but the result is identical.

To use this app, download there on the following link:

application to stream the same music from different Bluetooth speakers.

Once downloaded, you simply have to create a group, invite your friends to join it, and once everyone has synced their phone with their bluetooth speaker respective, you can start the music which will be synchronized with all devices, so as to distribute the simultaneous sound on all speakers.

Here is our tutorial to know how to put music on two bluetooth speakers with one android phone.

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