how to connect and pair my xiaomi bracelet to my smartphone

You recently purchased a Xiaomi smart bracelet, and therefore you want to connect it to your phone, in order to take advantage of the device's features.

Thanks to this connection, you will have access to a whole lot of data on your daily physical activity, in order to better control it.

Also, this tool allows to have more control over their sleep cycles, in order to optimize these and thus sleep better. As a true daily partner, connected bracelets are establishing themselves in 2021 as essential tools for well-being.

In this article, we present a tutorial to pair your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band device to your smartphone.

Steps to connect your Xiaomi Mi smart band to your smartphone

Here are the different steps to follow in order to to pair his bracelet with his phone.

Does my phone have a version compatible with the bracelet?

In order to know if your phone is compatible with your bracelet, you need to find out about the version of your operating system:

  • On Android : If your Android phone has version 4.4 or higher, then you can connect your Xiaomi Mi smart Band.
  • Public chat iphone : You must have at least the iIphone 5s to be able to connect your bracelet.

If you meet these criteria, then you validate the first step. The rest of the procedure requires you to download and install the application on your phone.

Download the Xiaomi app to pair your bracelet to your phone

If you are on Android, then go to the Play-store. You can click on the image below which is a direct download link for the application:

connect xiaomi mi smart band to your phone

If you are on Iphone, then it will be on the App Store, just type Mi Fit in your search bar and then install the app.

when you have downloaded the app, here are the next steps. Think about this time turn on your Xiaomi device.

If this is your first time, or you're having trouble turning it on, here's a guide to help you:


Once your bracelet is on, focus on the app. The whole process is configured on the application.

Configure your device on the phone

Once the application is downloaded, launch it. Here is the guide for the configure and thus pair it with your Xiaomi Mi smart Band device.

You will first have to fill in classic information, such as:

  • mail address
  • personal informations
    • size
    • weight
    • daily goal in steps

Once your account is configured, you can now pair your bracelet with it. For that, you just need to follow these steps. Remember to activate Bluetooth on your smartphone beforehand.

  • On the main menu, you can see at the bottom of the page the following tab: " no paired device, click to pair« 
  • Click on it, then choose " Bracelet", As in the image below
  • This will initiate the pairing process of the two devices. Make sure you have your Xiaomi mi Smart Band bracelet nearby.
  • When the search is in progress, you will see your bracelet turn on. Press the button to create the connection

And now, voila ! Important reminder, you You only need to connect the two devices via Bluetooth to synchronize your data from time to time.

Everything is recorded and stored on the bracelet, the application will only allow you to view and process this data. It is therefore not necessary to go for a run or for a walk with your phone. You can store the data there later, when you return.

Here is our tutorial for connect and pair your Xiaomi Mi Smart Band bracelet on your phone. If you have trouble switching on your Xiaomi bracelet, or the screen no longer responds, here is an article to help you: