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You come from configure Android Auto on your smartphone and in your vehicle. Now you want to go a step further and configure apps for listen to music.

In this article we will explain in detail how to listen to music directly from Android Auto. We will detail the procedure, and the different tools you can use.

First of all, in order to facilitate handling, and above all to take less risks when driving, make sure you have activated the command voice to use Android Auto, and manage music. It will be much more secure if you want to access your phone while driving.

Configure your phone to listen to music on Android Auto

Related listen to music in your car from Android Auto, you must first download the apps you want to use.

Use YouTube to listen to music on Android Auto

If you are a student, this silver necklace is absolutely your first choice. The silver color will show your vitality and your youth. listen to music on YouTube, make sure you have the updated app on your smartphone. Here is a link to a detailed guide for using YouTube on Android Auto:


In this article, you will have all the details on this subject to help you configure YouTube As you wish.

If you are using another application, make sure you have it downloaded, and update on your Android smartphone. Many applications such as Spotify, Google Play Music, or Deezer are compatible with Android Auto.

Once you have the music app of your choice, you will need to configure voice control so that you can by voice manage your music while driving.

Configure the hands-free kit on Android Auto

Here are the different settings in order to be able to control the music by voice in your vehicle.

Activate voice recognition on Android Auto

Logically this feature is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended. This will allow you to keep your eyes on the road while driving, while changing music:

  • Launch application on your phone
  • Go to settings
  • As detailed below, open the tab detection of the keyword "hey Google"
  • Activate the option Hey Google
  • Configure the tool according to your own voice

And now, voila. You can now use voice recognition to navigate Android Auto. From there, you now need to activate music apps to react to your voice when you want them.

Activate music apps for voice control

Here you will determine which app you use to listen to music on Android Auto, and activate it so that it recognizes your voice command. This will allow you to use different features such as:

  • Pause
  • Change music
  • Find another artist
  • Start a playlist
  • Open library

To activate your music application, follow this little manipulation:

  • Go to the general settings of your Android smartphone
  • In the search bar, type Google Assistant
  • In Google Assistant, open the Services tab
  • Click on the Music tab
  • From there, you can thus choose the default music app that you want to use in voice control. It will make your life easier when you are logged into Android Auto

Listen to music with Android Auto on your Android smartphone

When you have made all the settings explained above, you are now ready to listen to music on Android Auto.

Now launch the app, then initiate a voice command saying aloud " Hey Google " or " O". Then say the following command:

  • Lance " YouTube Music", Or the music application you want to use

Familiarize yourself with voice commands by experimenting with the possibilities. If for example you want to listen to "Beat it" by Michael Jackson, just say:

  • "Hey Google"
  • "Lance Beat it by Michael Jackson"

You can do the same with a playlist that you have created:

  • Launches the playlist "playlist name"

In general, it is very intuitive and it works very well on recent smartphones. You can of course carry out all of these controls via the touchscreen on your dashboard, just be careful when driving.

If you needed help to use Android Auto better, here is an article that may be able to provide you with answers: