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You received the last bill for your telephone subscription, and you realized that you had exceeded your limit because of the internet.

In other words, you have consumed more mobile data than your plan allowed it. This therefore implies an extra package which can sometimes be expensive.

Alors how to limit mobile data on Android ? Is it possible to concontrol and better anticipate your internet package expenditure?

This is what we will find out in this article. First, we will explain which applications or tools consume the most mobile data, and which must be limited.

Secondly, we will teach you how to better monitor and control your data spending, throughout the month, in order to better budget. You will have the opportunity to use certain tools set up by Android in order to always have an eye on your internet package expenditure.

Tips for limiting internet data consumption on your Android smartphone

Here are our different tips to help you reduce your consumption, to avoid out of bundle. As you will see, this is played out on certain major points. So after reading this article it will be easy for you to apply the advice and thus limit your consumption.

Lower the quality of the videos you watch on your phone

It probably is the most important point in terms of internet package consumption. Videos, because they require sound and lots of pixels. Logically, the better the video quality, the heavier the content to download. This means using more mobile data.

Here is a quick reminder of the units of measurement we need to better understand the table below:

  • 1 GB or Giga Byte = 1000Mo or Mega Byte
  • 1 MB = 1000 KB or Kilo Byte

Today, the packages are generally expressed in Giga Bytes. Your package often includes between 1 and 100 Giga Bytes.

Here is a small summary table of your potential data consumption, with videos.

Facebook video in standard 1 minute format25 MB
1 minute video trailer in HD format on YouTube60 MB
4 minute video trailer in 1K format on YouTube340 MB
Netflix episode in HD format 45 minGo 1.88
Netflix movie in 4K format of 2 hoursGo 11.4

We made this table thanks to a website that allows you to assess the size of different video files. You enter the parameters (quality, format… etc), and this automatically calculates the size, therefore the quantity of internet data required.

To make up your own mind, you can consult the website at the following link:

Calculate the weight of a video on Android smartphone

You would have understood it, watching videos is the most demanding activity in terms of internet data consumption. To limit this, remember to download the videos upstream, when you have access to the internet via a WiFi connection. In this way, you will not consume mobile data.

If you haven't had the time, or the choice, then remember to reduce the quality of the video you are watching, this has a major impact, as shown in the table above.

This brings us to the next tip, connect to the WiFi network as often as possible.

Prioritize a WiFi connection as soon as possible

As soon as WiFi is available near you, this should be a priority. From the moment you are connected to it, you no longer consume any mobile data. Everything goes through Wifi. And we know that now Wifi has an unlimited internet package. Enjoy it!

Updates and downloads of applications also in Wifi

Android smartphones have an option allowing you to choose whether application updates are launched automatically, as soon as they are available, or only when WiFi is available.

It is imperative to activate it. If you have a lot of applications, and they update themselves on your internet package, you will consume it at breakneck speed.

To access this setting, follow these steps :

  • Open the Play store from your smartphone
  • Tap 3 horizontal bars at the top left of your screen
  • Open them settings
  • Open the " automatic update of apps« 
  • Make sure that the " Via the Wifi only "Is activated
choose wifi to update app to save mobile data

Here are main mechanisms to control for limit your internet consumption. Other uses, such as:

  • Social Networks
  • Music
  • Surf the internet

While they don't have a lot of videos, they're much less mobile data hungry. If your package is really reduced, consider prioritize these activities when you have access to WiFi.

For a maximum limitation of your internet data consumption, You can cut mobile data. It'll cut you off the internet, but at least you're sure you won't be consuming more.

To do this, scroll through your quick menu, and press the mobile data logo. These will be cut off, until reactivation.

cut mobile data to save your android plan

You can still call without internet data. Only all tools passing through the internet will be inaccessible.

Now you know how to reduce your mobile data consumption. But it is also important to know how to monitor your consumption, and know where you are throughout the month. Thanks to better regular checks, you will thus avoid costly extra packages.

Here are some tips for control and monitor your internet package spending.

Tips for monitoring your internet plan usage on Android

After seeing what tools or applications consumed the most on your phone, it is important to know how to keep an eye on the precise consumption expenditure.

Very important: The first thing to know first is your plan limit. If you do not have this figure in mind, go to your customer area on your supplier's website (Orange, SFR, Bouygues, etc.) or call customer service if you do not have your internet credentials.

This will allow you to have an idea of ​​what you can consume per month, which is essential not to fall outside the package.

Retail mobile data usage in your Android settings

The following trick allows you to do appear a graph (or other depending on the smartphone model, or the version of Android you have) allowing you to have an idea of ​​your consumption in real time.

For our test, we used a Huawei smartphone, with version 10 of Android. This is what we have access to:

details of internet data usage on android to limit usage

On this graph, we see that 37 GB were consumed in the month, with a big peak on October 24. This allows us to have a clear idea of ​​where we are.

As explained above, it is essential to know the limit of your internet package. Here 37 GB may seem enormous as consumption. But we do know that our test phone has a 100 GB plan. So we are still far from the limit.

With the graph shown above, you have a detail per day of consumption. This allows you to monitor what has happened each day, and trace an unusually high consumption.

On the same page as the graph, scroll down a bit. You will see the detail of the applications or tools that led to this internet consumption.

This is very important. You will be able to target which applications consume the most internet data. Here is our example:

consumer details on Android smartphone

We thus note that on October 24, we shared our connection to reach 24 GB of consumption. This gives us a clear idea of ​​when and what.

Think of regularly watch these parameterss, they will help you better control your package expense. If you are afraid to forget, there is a function on Android that allows you to set a limit, or alerts.

Very practical for better organization.

Set up a limit and a reminder of internet package consumption

Still in the data consumption settings, you have the option " more parameters given". Open there.

From there, as shown in the image below, you will have the option " Mobile data consumption limit" page (in French).

data usage limit on Android

Configure a limit according to your plan. You will then access the next page, allowing you to place more settings:

  • If beyond the monthly limit : Depending on the limit placed as explained above, your phone will perform the recorded action. Ideally, choose " deactivate mobile data“, To make sure you don't exceed your limit.
  • Reminder for data consumed monthly : This allows you to receive an alert when your plan is almost used up. In our case, we have placed 80%, so as to have a little reserve.
  • Reminder for data consumed daily: Set a number that will trigger an alert if within a day this limit is exceeded. This will prevent you from unexpected daily consumption peaks.
set reminder and consumption limit on android

.All these very useful parameters will allow you to better control your spending, and thus limit your internet package consumption.

So here are the main tips to limit mobile data on your phone. If you want to dig deeper into Android tips, here are some articles: