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You have recently been using Android Auto so that you can switch the screen of your phone to the dashboard of your vehicle. Ideally, you would also like install YouTube on Android Auto in order to enjoy music while you are driving.

Since version 3.03 of Youtube Music, it is now possible to control the application directly from the Android Auto interface.

In this article we will explain to you how to install YouTube on Android Auto, in order to enjoy the music in your car.

Important : For logical security reasons, it is not possible to install the classic YouTube video that we know on Android Auto. Indeed, this would imply that you can watch videos while driving which is very dangerous.

So you will have to install YouTube Music instead, which only supports audio format. If you don't want to use YouTube music and still insist on using YouTube video, Meet at last paragraph of this article.

Download YouTube Music and Android Auto to Android smartphone

Before you start, make sure you have YouTube and Android Auto installed on your Android smartphone. If not, here is a download and installation link for the different apps:

if you already have these two apps installed, and updated, then go to the next step.

YouTube Music for Android smartphone

Here is a link for the latest version of YouTube music on Android :

download youtube music for android

Download Android Auto for your phone

In order to better guide you in installing Android Auto for your phone, here is a detailed article that will help you:


Follow the steps detailed in this article to properly configure Android Auto for your smartphone. When all of that is done, come back to this article.

Install and configure YouTube Music for Android Auto

From there, your two applications are functional. So launch Android Auto from your smartphone, and if it is properly connected to your car, you will be able to broadcast the screen on your dashboard.

From there, just follow these steps as shown in the image below:

  • When you are on Android Auto, click on the small helmet-shaped logo at the bottom right of your screen. it symbolizes the music menu of Android Auto.
  • Choose YouTube Music
  • You can now play music from Android Auto

Install YouTube video on Android Auto

If despite everything you still insist on installing the video version of YouTube, there is a way that we have discovered. The developer Kiran Kumar has indeed succeeded in offering an APK version of Youtube that can be installed on Android Auto.

Disclaimer : This violates the rules of the Google Play Store and also the rules of conduct. Here is the link explaining what to do, at your own risk and responsibility.

How to install YouTube on Android Auto

We strongly insist on this point again, this method will allow you to have YouTube video on your dashboard, but should never be used while riding.

Here are the different methods to to use YouTube on Android Auto for your vehicle. If you are also interested in Waze GPS on Android Auto, here is the article link: