logo of the applications to be installed on Android Auto

You just discovered Android Auto and all the possibilities that this offers. This application allows you to broadcast its screen on your vehicle's dashboard is very practical.

Whether for listen to music, or follow a GPS route, the application has many advantages. And so you want to make the most of its potential. For this you must install new apps on Android Auto.

So we will explain everything to you in this article so that you can use the apps you want on Android Auto.

Install apps on Android Auto: Different steps

There are different steps in order to be able to customize Android Auto with all the apps you want. First, you need to make sure that the apps you want to add are compatible.

Are my applications compatible with Android Auto

If you have the version of Android 10, Android Auto is incorporated into your system applications, and is therefore the latest version of the application. This is compatible with almost all applications on the Play-store.

The main condition for your application to be compatible with Android Auto, and that you can install it is that it is present on the Play-store catalog.

When you are on Android Auto, you can click on this button to see a catalog of available applications appear:

  • Tap 3 small parallel bars at the top left of your screen
  • Click on Android apps
more apps for android auto

This will bring you to the main catalog of compatible applications.

To consult even more applications available, here is a link on the Play-store. Here you will find many ideas to customize your Android Auto according to your convenience. GPS applications, messaging, music, radio… etc. Everything you need for your Android Auto.

link for auto android apps

Download the app of my choice

Once you have selected the application you want to install on Android Auto, you just have to download. You can do this directly from the Play-store of the selected application.

If you want more details on the procedure, here is some tips :

How to listen to music with Android Auto

Here is a little guide to install the different music applications available for Android Auto.


Follow this easy tutorial to Musically customize Android Auto on your smartphone.

How to install GPS on Android Auto

If you would rather get help with install a GPS, and in particular Waze, here is a complete tutorial that will guide you step by step:


These tutorials will know you explain all the settings required for the application to function correctly on your phone.

How to organize Android Auto with installed apps

Once you have downloaded and installed all the apps you want to use on Android Auto, only one step is missing. Now you need to set them up to be available on Android Auto.

We explain everything to you in detail. You can now configure the application launcher. That is, what your dashboard looks like when Android Auto is launched. What applications appear as a shortcut, and in what order.

The procedure will vary a bit depending on your version of Android, and if you use Android Auto Mobile or not.

If you are on Android 10 without Android Auto mobile :

  • Go to settings
  • type Android Auto in the search bar then click on it
  • Look for " customize the app launcher« 
  • Choose which apps are active, and make them go up so that they appear first in the choices on Android Auto

If you are on a older version of Android, or Android Auto Mobile:

  • Launch application
  • Open the menu by clicking on the 3 horizontal bars at the top left
  • Click the option Customize the app launcher
  • perform the same procedure as above

And now, voila ! Relaunch the Android Auto application for the choices to be taken into account. All you have to do is use Android Auto to take advantage of all these freshly installed applications.