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You want to use a GPS on your phone for easy movement. You hesitate between the two most popular, Google Maps and Waze, and you opt for the latter, more oriented towards community mutual aid. Indeed,

The Waze app, which has become a serious competitor to Google Maps in recent years in the world of GPS, is a perfect tool to accompany on your travels when you are in the car.

Its principle is mainly based on community mutual aid. Indeed, Waze allows you to know in real time any disturbance or slowdown on the road thanks to the alerts issued by users.

And this is very handy for getting an idea very quickly of what is happening in front of you on the road.

In addition to this, there has been an application for a few years: Android Auto, which allows connect your smartphone to your car's dashboard. Ideal for no longer having to look at the screen of your phone to know your route.

Here is an article explaining to you how to install and use the Waze app on Android Auto.

We will detail the entire procedure to obtain Waze then Android Auto on your smartphone, and next how to configure these tools on the screen of your vehicle.

How to use Waze and Android Auto on Android smartphone

Here's how to install and use Waze on Android Auto :

First of all, logically you will have to download these two apps to your phone. this is the first step of this tutorial.

Download Waze and Android Auto from the Play Store

Here are download links for both apps

Install Waze on Android smartphone

In order to download and install Waze, it's very easy. Follow this Play-store download link below.

download waze on Android

When the application is downloaded, simply install it by following the different steps on your phone. When it's done, move on to Android Auto.

Install Android Auto on your phone

In order to install Android Auto, the procedure is a little different. Indeed, depending on the version of Android you have, it is not the same procedure.

Click on this link to follow the installation in detail:


For Android 5-9 : Download the application from the Play-Store

For Android 10 : The Android Auto application is natively installed on Android

When this is installed, you will be able to start setting up Waze for Android Auto. From there, logically you should have installed both applications on your phone.

How to set up Waze with Android Auto

At this stage of the configuration, you have your two ready-to-use apps. Moreover, your smartphone is already connected to your vehicle's dashboard.

Here is the rest of the manipulation:

  • Launch Android Auto on your phone. If you are correctly connected to your car, the screen will be displayed on your dashboard.
  • Here you have the possibility to choose which GPS software you will use, choose WAZE. You are now ready to go. Note that you have a simplified version of Waze on Android Auto, therefore it is not possible to report traffic or an accident. You simply have access to GPS and voice commands such as OK Google.
  • You can now use voice recognition, or type in the address where you want to go by hand.
  • If Waze is not your default choice, click on the small GPS arrow symbol at the bottom of your screen, and then choose Waze.
  • If you want quit Android Auto, it is enough press the circle at the bottom left of your screen.

Here are the different steps to download and install Waze then Android Auto on your Android smartphone. If you encounter errors in the setup, or in the later use, then check out this article which goes over all the potential problems with Waze and Android Auto: