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On some Android smartphones, the default maximum volume is not very loud. And this can be problematic, when you have need speaker sound, or because you consider that the ring volume cannot be heard very well from a distance.

In addition, maybe you want increase the sound of a speaker which is therefore limited by your android phone.

Either way, you would like increase the volume of your android smartphone.

In this article, we present you some tricks to unlock the maximum volume limit, and thus increase the sound a little more.

Be careful though, we strongly recommend that you be careful with this:

  • Pay attention to your ears : If sound is naturally limited on telephones, it is also to preserve the eardrums of its users. Be careful when unlocking this limit.
  • Some phones are not made for this: Limit donc the volume, your phone's speakers may not support a volume that is really too loud.

How to increase the maximum sound of your Android smartphone

If your phone doesn't have very loud basic sound, the easiest solution is to install an app that will let you turn up the sound a bit more.

Be careful with this practice, however, because the sound is sometimes restricted for a reason. Here is a short guide to the best applications that we were able to test on the Play-store to increase the maximum volume of your Android smartphone.

Volume booster for Android

application to boost volume android

This app will give you the opportunity amplify the different sounds of your smartphone.

You will be able to increase the sound specifically of an application, or the general volume of the ringtones. It also allows you to manage sound from external devices, to increase the sound of speakers Bluetooth for example.

Rated almost 5 stars by more than 170 users, this application fulfills its role perfectly. In the same range of application, you can also try:

app to boost your android

This app is almost identical to the previous one in terms of content and service. It's up to you to try both and see which one works best for your Android smartphone, and which suits you best.

Here is a 3rd application for increase your phone volume, which is completely free and does not contain advertising:

Volume booster for smartphone

increase sound android smartphone

Also very well rated on the Play-store, this application is in the simplicity and sobriety. No multicolored colors, simple and intuitive use, it works perfectly.

Pay attention to the loss of quality on the telephone speakers, when the volume is too loud. It is advisable to use external speakers in order to maintain correct audio quality.

Again, pay attention to your gear and your ears as you push the volume up a bit.

Risks for too loud a volume on an Android smartphone

Before closing this article, it is important to remember (even if you probably already know) that it is important to be very careful with the volume and your ears. If you listen to music through headphones, chances are it won't be no need to increase the volume.

Noise hazards and ear protection

Preserve your ears. Builders have set a limit to the sound for this purpose, and also for maintain sound with good quality. Exceeding this limit exposes your phone to lose audio quality, which is counterproductive.

If you want really turn up the audio volume, it is rather at the level of the audio output that you should pay attention. For example, you can use good quality speakers, so that you can enjoy loud and good quality music without damaging your ears.

So here is our guide to increase the volume of your Android smartphone. For more guides related to sound and music on Android, it's here: