increase android font size

When using your phone, you find that the font is a bit small, and this is not practical. You have trouble pressing the keys, or select different options, because the information is too small for you.

In order to help you change the font size, we will bring you a maximum of elements for your Android smartphone.

If however you are looking to increase SMS font size mainly, so come on read this article rather:


If you want instead, change the font size of the various menus on your smartphonehere is how to do it.

In this article we explain how to change the font size of your smartphone menus. Here is how to increase font size on android.

How to change the font size of your smartphone

On most Android phones, it is possible to change the font size from the various menus on your phone. This will modify all writings from your phone, in order to obtain

For that, it's very simple :

  • Open them settings from your Android smartphone
  • In the top search bar, type " size « 
  • The tab « font and display size »Will appear, open the
  • As shown in the example below, choose the size that suits you best by varying the sliders from left to right
how to increase font size on android

This is another way of doing it. However, this option is not only available on some smartphone models. Thus, we are going to offer you other alternatives so that you find a way of doing things that works for you.

Use Android's zoom feature to increase font size on Android

There is also a function on recent versions of Android to use a temporary zoom on the screen. This makes it possible to use a manipulation (3 simultaneous fingers on the screen) to zoom in on the screen and magnify the font.

Please note that this manipulation is only a temporary tool, unlike the option explained in the 1st paragraph.

To use it, follow this manipulation:

  • Open them settings from your phone
  • Scroll down to the " Accessibility " or " accessibility features« 
  • Scroll down to the option " extension" , A little lower
  • Here you can activate the tool " zoom" , which allows to enlarge the font, in any menu on your phone

If you do not have these options available on your phone, because it is a little older, here is an alternative for you.

Larger font size on older version of Android

The manipulation here is performed on a version 6 of Android. So if your smartphone has a version close to this one, then you can also utiliser this option.

To increase the font size of your phone, here's how:

  • Open them settings from your phone
  • Look for the tab " Accessibility« 
  • You are left here at activate the option " large characters« 
how to use large print option on android smartphone

You have no setting options, but just a size enlargement. You will directly see the difference from previous font size.

Here are all the methods to to enlarge the font size on your Android smartphone. If you want to get more than user guides of your smartphone, and in particular on the keyboard, or the screen, it is here: