When you browse the internet, you must know that an IP address is assigned to you so that it is possible to trace what you are doing, and more.

We will try to understand in this article why hiding your IP address can be interesting, what you expose yourself to when you use your own IP address. We will see step by step the different reasons that push us to hide it or get a different one.

Subsequently, we will explain the best way to effectively hide its IP address on your android phone.

Why hide your IP address on Android phone

Here are the main ones raisons which are important to know. Not hiding your IP address exposes you to everything that we detail here:

Protect your privacy

In a somewhat obscure Hollywood movie scenario, it is quite possible to find a lot of personal information just from an IP address. And in reality, we are unfortunately not far from it.

Indeed, from your IP address, which is therefore easily traceable when you browse the web with your phone, it is relatively easy to determine your country of residence. For some resourceful hackers, finding your city or even postal code is not very complicated. From this information, it would even be possible to find your identity. It is therefore important to hide this information.

Logically, there should be a reason for doing all this against you, but just knowing that it is possible by someone can be enough to take precautions.

Hiding your IP address would completely protect you from these potential threats.

Avoid advertising tracking

When you browse the internet with your phone, your IP adress lets you specifically identify, as well as your browsing habits. You often go on shoe sites ? You will most likely see shoe ads all over the internet.

This advertising targeting can appear very contrary to our freedoms and respect for our privacy. The more so as this navigation information is sometimes resold between companies and advertisers so that ads are always more targeted.

Once again, hide its IP address and you become anonymous, all this is no longer possible.

Bypass geographic blocks

You must have been confronted with this before. Want to enjoy a TV service from a country other than your own, but which is blocked according to geographic restrictions.

Say you are abroad and want to watch a program from your country. Unfortunately, in your country, a certain rule blocks viewing by residents of other countries. So impossible for you to watch this channel, because your IP address locates you in another country.

If you get a VPN service (Virtual Private Network), this not only allows hide your personal IP address, but also give you another one, temporarily. And you can even choose which country you want to get this IP from. This will allow you to watch the desired program in the country you want.

Avoid public firewall blocks

When you are in a public place, whether it is a library, school, hospital, airport, etc ... and that you connect to WiFi, some limitations specific to this network are applied. For example, access to some services are blocked. Whether it's YouTube, sometimes TV channels, etc ...

Whether justified or not, this can sometimes be very restrictive. If, however, you hide your IP address, so that you can be identified elsewhere, you will not have to undergo these constraints.

Now that you have a better understanding of the issues related to your IP address and why to hide it, now here is how to do it.

We will explain the different ways to effectively hide your IP address, and how to get another one.

How to hide your IP address on Android phone

You probably understood it by reading this far, it is possible to hide their personal IP address by obtaining another temporary IP address. It is not possible not to have an IP address.

The goal is simply to obtain an IP address which would serve as a cover for your Real address, located elsewhere in the world.

And there is a very developed tool today, a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

What is a VPN

Un Virtual Private Network is a tool that allows you to assign you a new IP address, so as to hide yours. With a powerful tool, you generally have access to many different IP addresses, allowing you to freely choose the location.

If, for example, you are looking to watch an accessible TV program from a particular country, then getting an IP address from that country will guarantee you access to it.

This VPN will allow your tphone to browse the internet in peace, avoiding everything that was mentioned above in the 1st paragraph.

However, it is important to choose the right VPN. Indeed, there are many different services on the internet, which do not offer the same level of service.

Choosing the right VPN for your Android smartphone

As mentioned above, the VPN you choose will matter a lot. In general, we don't recommend choosing a free VPN unless you have need to mask your IP address in a very exceptional way.

If you will use this service repeatedly on your phone, you will be hard pressed to find a good service.

Indeed, these services are often of poor quality, and when they are good quality, they are often overloaded. Because the speed of flow also depends on the amount of users, which implies share on a free VPN.

With a Paid VPN, you will have access to more exclusivity on some servers.

So you understood it now, for hide your IP address, must therefore subscribe to a VPN subscription. Here we will try to you summarize the offer on the internet, choosing some of the best on the market.

Once you've chosen your VPN, you need to connect it. Use this article to help you:


Best VPNs to hide your IP address on Android

Here are the best VPNs on the market right now, which will allow you to effectively hide your IP address. You can just click on the image so that you can be redirected to the VPN app on Android.

North VPN



So here are the main players in this market. Make your choice according to your needs, taking the time to compare them. If you had problems with your VPN, have a look at our article on this subject which may help you: