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Our smartphones are with us absolutely all the time. With this personalization and very frequent use of these tools, we make them very personal.

Indeed, we all have above very confidential information. Whether it is banking data, personal information, multimedia files such as beautiful photos or videos ..

And sometimes, without our agreement, some people access this strictly personal data. For this reason, you have decided to hide your private items.

In this article, we will focus on photos. So when you read this guide, you will know howow to hide photos on your android smartphone.

For this, there are different methods, more or less effective. We will show you the options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

So here is how to hide photos on Android:

Different methods to hide photos on Android smartphone

So here are the different ways to hide your photos. Note that some of them will be easy to get around, and others much more difficult.

Hide photos by creating a hidden file on Android

The first method, probably the simplest, but also the one that can be most easily bypassed, involves create a file that will be hidden.

You may not know it, but on Android, when you name a folder starting with a dot, this turns it into a hidden document.

If for example your folder is simply called " beautiful photos", Rename it as" .Pictures". In this way, it will only be visible ONLY say vous check the option below : Showing hidden files.

You must therefore make sure that this option is unchecked. Thereafter, it suffices simply upload your photos to this folder.

Warning : This method is simple to set up, but also easy to work around. If someone picks up your phone, and activate the display of hidden files, your photos will be exposed. It is not not possible to protect this function with a password.

Create hidden photo file on older versions of Android

If you have a smartphone with an old version of Android, come and consult this article instead, which will better suit your needs:

Hide photo folders on older versions of Android

For a slightly more efficient method, here's how.

Hide photos with the safe of your Android smartphone

On some brands of phones, there is a feature called "safe". As the name suggests, this place allows you to store confidential files, accessible only by password or fingerprint.

To find out if your phone has this feature, just type " safe »In the search bar of your Android smartphone.

If you have access to it, configure your safe and how to access it.

To access it with a fingerprint, make sure you have validated this option in the option tab " biometric unlock" page (in French).

Once this is configured, you must add a document from your safe. You cannot move a photo from your gallery.

For that, it's very simple :

  • From your safe, press "add" at the bottom of your screen
  • Browse your gallery, looking for the photos you want to hide

Once this is done, these photos will only be accessible by this safe. A beautiful protection therefore. However, there is still another method, but which is not accessible by all smartphones.

Hide photos by creating a private space on Android smartphone

This feature only affects a few phones, such as the Huawei or Honor brand.

To find out if you have this option, simply type "private space" in the search bar of your settings. If nothing is displayed, then you cannot use it.

If, however, you see this feature displayed, then this feature is very useful for hiding photos.

Indeed, thanks to this private space, you create a space for a new user, completely hidden from others. This leaves no trace, and cannot be found if the searcher does not know that this space exists.

So very effective for hide photos on android.

How it works and how to access this private area

Very simple. Like a new user on Computer, you create a new space. This will be completely independent of your main space. The big advantage is how to access it.

You will simply type in another password when you unlock your smartphone. This will discreetly access this private space, where your photos are hidden.

Even better, you can also configure a fingerprint of another finger to access it. In a discreet way, you access it by unlocking your phone with a different finger than the one generally used.

For more information on this private area or on these private folders, see this article:


Use an app to hide your photos

Finally, you have one last solution to hide your photos. Some applications offer this type of service. To do this, simply click on the link on this photo:

Follow the installation procedure, the use is very simple. Here is a summary of the strengths of this application in a few words:

  • ·Has a AES encryption, advanced American encryption
  • Easy access by PIN, fingerprint or password
  • Hide and protect any photo or video
  • Encrypted photos and videos do not appear in your gallery
  • It is possible to hide the application and its logo, thus hiding its use

You now know pretty much everything about the subject how to hide photos on android. It's up to you to choose the option that best meets your specific needs.

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