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As you already know, the Android operating system has many customization freedoms. You can download and installer an almost infinite number applications of all kinds, or even customize the interface of your smartphone.

And among these customization options, especially regarding applications, You are free to make them appear on your main menu, or to hide them.

Whether it is for personal, professional reasons, something that you want to hide, an application that you do not use but that you want to keep, that you do not assume, or simply something that is only about you and your privacy.

Whatever the reason, you do what you want from your phone. And that's mainly where Android is great.

We'll explain in this article how to hide an app on your android smartphone. We will first detail the procedure for system applications, which work differently. Subsequently, we will detail the procedure for classic applications, downloaded from the Play-store or elsewhere.

How to hide a system app on Android

First of all, you should know that hiding a system app is like uninstalling it. It will no longer be visible, but also more usable.

This process does not remove it from your phone, it uninstall and cache from any user. To access it again, it will therefore be necessary to reinstate.

For it :

  • go to your phone settings
  • In the search bar at the top of your screen type " applications« 
  • Open the " Applications« 
  • Search application that you want to hide
  • Press deactivate, as shown below

Here is the simple procedure for hide system applications. Again, this procedure will uninstall the application in question, making it unusable as it is. It will take reinstall to use it again.

Here is now how to do it on more classic applications. This procedure will give you more freedom, but takes a little longer to set up.

How to hide your applications on Android smartphone

There are different ways to hide apps on your phone. Some models have this feature navitatively. We will first discuss this.

Next, we will present a solution that is compatible with all phones, allowing those who cannot do it without a third-party app to go through the process.

Smartphone brands capable of natively hiding apps in settings

Here is the procedure according to brand of your smartphone. Also note that depending on the version of Android, and the model, the procedure may vary a bit.

How to hide apps from Xiaomi models

On Xiaomi brand phones, it is very simple. Follow this procedure:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Lock apps
  • Press the small icon top right
  • In these options, scroll to hidden apps
  • From there, open the tab manage hidden apps
  • You will see all your applications appear, just select the ones you want to hide

Hide apps from Samsung smartphones

On Samsung phones, the procedure is relatively similar:

  • On your phone, open the applications folder
  • In this folder, press the 3 small vertical dots in the right corner
  • Then open the tab Home screen settings
  • In these settings, scroll to the tab Hide application
  • Among the applications that appear on your screen, select the apps you want to hide

How to hide apps from One Plus phones

On One Plus phones there is a feature called " hidden space". It's a folder where everything stored there will be logically hidden and protected. So that includes apps, which you can hide inside. To access it, it's very simple:

  • Open the applications folder
  • Tap the icon in + shape on the right of your screen
  • You just have here to check les apps you want to hide

How to hide apps from Huawei brand models

On the Huawei brand smartphones, it's roughly the same principle, but more successful. Instead of creating a hidden folder, the developers wanted instead create a hidden user space. It is as if on your computer you open another session, completely invisible and protected by a password and fingerprint.

To access it, you will simply need unlock your phone with another configured fingerprint, who is different from your main account. Your smartphone will recognize your fingerprint to open the associated account.

The procedure is a little more successful than previously for other brands. Here you create a brand new independent space. This means that it is not possible to transfer your data.

So you will have to download and use the applications directly from this space. Everything that is done on this profile remains hidden here, and remains completely independent of your main space.

This provides a level of very high protection because it is not possible to suspect its existence. You simply have to use your other unlocking finger to access it on your locked screen, making the process completely secure and invisible.

To access it, it is very simple :

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Type " this is a private space »In the top search bar
  • A partir de là, follow the on-screen configuration steps

Use a Launcher to hide your applications

In order to be able to hide the selected applications on your Android phone, you will have to install Nova Launcher, a menu customization tool.

Warning : With this method, you will must pay 5.25 € as a one-time purchase to access Nova Launcher Prime features. With the functionality of Launcher base, it is not possible to hide Android applications.

That being said, with this tool you have much more freedom to choose the organization of applications, colors, themes, etc.

This also opens the scope of possibilities for customizing applications, and thus be able to hide them. To install it, it's very simple. Go to the Play-store, or click on this link:

Once the app is downloaded, install there, and choose there as the default launcher.

Here's how to do it next:

  • Launch it Nova launcher
  • Open them settings
  • In the settings, scroll down to the option Drawers
  • In this menu, scroll down to the applications tab
  • Click the option Hide applications
  • The Play-store will open, allowing you upgrade to Nova Launcher Prime
  • Complete the purchase and you will be able to hide the applications of your choice

Here are the different operations to hide your applications. If you want to go further in managing your applications, here are some articles to help you: