Over time, we store more and more information on our smartphones, be it photos, videos, messages, etc. And we have less and less storage space. We buy memory cards, to be able to store more, but even these end up being saturated. And sometimes, we want to start from scratch, save what interests us, then delete the rest, and format our storage spaces.

The objective of this article is to quickly show you how to format the SD card of your Android phone. Before explaining, let's quickly go over some things to know and some recommendations before formatting.

Why format an SD card on Android

Why format an SD card on Android

When making this decision, you have to be sure to do it for the right reasons. Here are the main reasons to format a memory card on the phone:

  • Storage space like new : No more headache to delete everything by hand, everything goes. Convenient when you want to start from scratch or simply sell the SD card to someone else.
  • Your smartphone that has become slower : You should know that if you saturate your storage spaces with documents, your phone will eventually slow down and lose its fluidity. Regular formatting with backups of your precious documents is a good way to keep a phone in good condition.
  • You have a virus : It may happen that your smartphone is infected, but you do not know exactly where. In this case there, no risk-taking, you delete everything with the formatting of the memory card.

Here are the different reasons which can push you to carry out a formatting. Here is the procedure to follow to format your SD card.

How to format an SD card on an Android smartphone

How to format an SD card on an Android smartphone

You will see that the procedure is very simple. Beforehand, make sure you have saved your documents important because you should know that this procedure is irreversible and delete everything on this memory card. No recovery process will be possible.

Here are the different steps:

  • Go to settings from your smartphone.
  • Open the menu " storage and USB"
  • As in the example below, you will see show up your SD card (in our case, Samsung SD card), click on it.
  • Once on the SD card, press the 3 small dots at the top right of your phone screen.
  • Last operation, press format to start the formatting procedure for your SD card.

So here is just the procedure for format your memory card. Again, make sure you have saved important information because there is no backspace once the procedure has started.