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It may happen that your android phone is not working properly and needs a restart. This is the easy solution that is recommended for a large number of various problems.

However, even if you know that it can be beneficial to redémarrer, you do not necessarily know how to do it, or the classic techniques of restart do not work properly.

We will therefore see in this article what are the alternatives to force restart an Android phone when you need it.

We will detail technical simple and accessible, and subsequently other slightly more complex methods, for blocked phones.

Here are our tips for force restart an Android smartphone.

Tips to force restart a frozen Android phone

So here are the different methods that we were able to test, which work on Android.

Use the power button to restart the smartphone

If your phone is blocked, try the easiest and classic way first. Depending on the brand of your mobile, you may also have to press one of the volume buttons at the same time for force restart your phone.

  • Hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. If nothing happens, try again with the button low volume and high volume.

This is the most standard technique for perform restart. If nothing happens, and your phone is still blocked, there is another, even more effective method.

Force restart your smartphone with ADB's reboot function

This method requires download software to your computer, which will allow you to take control of your phone from this computer. You can then enter a forced restart command from your PC.

For this we have used a tool called ADB, which we will briefly present to you before starting the procedure.

Diminutive for Android Debug Bridge, ADB is a tool for communicate (bridge = bridge) with your smartphone from your computer, by a command tool.

You just have to installer this tool on your PC, and then you can access your phone, and thus order him to restart with a simple command.

However, you need some prerequisites in order to use this technique:

  • Le USB debugging enabled on your phone. This option allows your phone to communicate with an external device.

For more info on this manipulation, check out this article :


  • Install and download ADB to access your phone since your computer
download tool to access phone and force restart

If debugging USB had been activated, Then you can download this tool to your computer

To download the ADB tool, click on the image just above.

Use ADB on your PC to order the reboot of the smartphone

Once downloaded, install on your computer. Launch it automatically at the end of the installation.

  • Connect your phone via USB to your computer. You will see a command tool appear on your screen, like this:
  • to force restart your Android phone, type " adb reboot As shown in the image below.

If an error message appears, such as " unable to establish connection" , or " device not recognized", There is a good chance that the" USB debugging Has not been activated.

ADB to communicate with android and force restart the phone
  • Two factors indicate if it has market or not :
    • You don't see no error message in the command line, as above. If it hadn't not worked, you would get an error message
    • You hear the sound of disconnection and reconnection of your smartphone to the USB device, as a consequence of the restart

This method even works for phones that are stuck at the screen, and unresponsive. Logically, one of these two techniques will work all the time for your phone.

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