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It is well known that Wifi box passwords are endless lists of characters, which are complicated to remember. Like most people, you didn't take the time to change your WiFi password, so whenever someone comes to your house and would like use Wifi, it's the same problem.

Go look behind the box, to be able to copy the password. Is there an easier way? Of course !

On a computer, you can easily find the password of your Wi-Fi by opening the menu " Network and sharing center" , in the Wifi options.

But not everyone necessarily uses a computer, and it would be more convenient to just use their phone to find the WiFi password.

So how do you do it? We give you an answer in this article. We will explain the different methods to find the Wifi password on your Android smartphone.

Different methods to recover the Wifi password on your Android smartphone

It exists different techniques to be able to display this password. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as on a computer. We explain everything to you in detail. Don't panic, our method is relatively easy despite everything, it just requires a little manipulation.

The objective here is to prevent you from having to root your smartphone in order to display the text file containing your password. If however your phone is already rooted, then go to second technique, which will be faster for you.

If your phone doesn't, read on.

Use a QR code reader to display the WiFi password on Android

This method will only work on smartphones capable of displaying the WiFi password in the form of a QR code. From Android 10, it is now possible to display a QR code representative of the Wifi password.

If your goal is to allow someone you know to connect to your WiFi, just let them scan this QR code.

For get to this QR code, just click on the Wi-Fi on which you are registered, in the list of your Wifi favorites. If the QR code does not appearis that the brand or version of Android you own does not allow it. It will then be necessary to go through the smartphone root method if you still want display the Wifi password.

Public chat Android 10, you will be able display a page like this:

show qr wifi code to share password on android

On some Android models it is the password may appear just below the QR code, but this is not often the case. Don't panic, there is a method for display this code, which we now explain to you:

  • Take a screenshot of this page
  • On this page you can use your screenshot of the QR code to extract the Wifi password.
  • On the internet page, select the QR code screenshot image, as below
  • VHelp the process by pressing OK. Wait a few seconds, and your password will appear as below:

Here is a relatively quick technique, but unfortunately it does not only works on recent Android smartphones. In addition, not all mobile brands offer this feature.

How to transform a WiFi code into a QR code to simplify sharing

If your end goal, when you came to this article, is to simply be able to share your password, but you do not have a recent smartphone, you cannot directly display a QR code. But there is a technique to transform your WiFi password into a QR code, for the next few times.

Logically, this method implies having the Wifi code. Let's imagine that you were lazy to go and look behind the box, it will be enough to do it once, then you can share your Wifi code from your phone

Here's how to do it:

  • Have your WIFI password
  • Just enter your login information, then press " Generate« 
generate qr code with wifi connection info to share wifi connection on android
  • Use this QR code to share your Wifi password to your entourage! They will simply have to scan the WR code to connect to your Wifi

However, if you want to cost that cost display this password because you don't have it, then it is possible to do it through the root. Root your smartphone means unblock certain securities imposed by the manufacturers, in order to access different system files potentially sensitive.

This is therefore intended for users experienced in handling, and aware of the potential risks.

For root your phone, read our full guide first, then come back to this page afterwards:


Once it's done, or if your phone was already rooted, here is how to display your Wifi password.

Recover Wifi Password on Rooted Android Smartphone

When you connect to a Wifi network, your smartphone records connection data, on a text file. This text file is normally not accessible on an unrooted phone.

But as soon as your phone is, then you have access to this file. The procedure to find it is very simple:

  • With your file explorer, go to fichier following :
    • Date
      • Misc
        • Wi-Fi
  • You will be able to see a text file by name " wpa_supplicant.conf«, Open it to display the Wifi code of your network

So here is the manipulation to display your Wifi password on your phone. Normally, in this article you will have all the information to recover your password and share it, no matter the version of Android that you own.