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We often find the term " USB debugging " or " USB Debugging In the manipulations on Android. But do you really know what it is, and how to activate it?

Essential element in order to communicate your smartphone to your computer, USB debugging is an advanced feature that allows access from your computer to various potentially sensitive files on your phone.

This is why by defaut, it is disabled on your smartphone Android.

In this article we will briefly explain how USB debugging works and then how to activate it on your Android smartphone.

Origin and use of USB debugging on Android

By definition, debugging is a process of diagnosing, locating and eliminating errors in a computer program. This means that by the through a USB connection to your computer, you will thus access somewhat more advanced commands, and seek to solve a problem.

Originally, therefore, the USB debugging resolves potential issues on your phone. In practice, today, this USB debugging is simply the validation of a USB connection. So it is only the gateway to a connection.

Subsequently, you will have access to many features, some of which are very important. Here are some examples of situations where the USB debugging might save your day:

  • Your phone no longer turns on, you will lose the data saved on it : If the USB debugging was previously activated, you will be able to access your phone through a USB connection and recover your data.
  • You forgot the pattern or lock code : Once again, having activated the USB debugging will bypass this protection on your computer.

-In summary, in different situations, USB debugging is the only condition in order to restore, backup, recover important data. In most cases, not having activated it condemns your personal documents.

Tips for using USB debugging on Android

Thus, it should be activated and know how to use it in order to make good use of it. The recommendation to avoid doing anything:

  • Don't browse system files, or sensitive files, as long as you know what you are doing
  • Stick to simple manipulations : exchange photos, videos, save important data from your phone to your computer
  • Ne never validate access to a computer other than the other. When you connect to a computer, your smartphone will ask for validation of " confidence To this computer. Never validate another computer than yours.

Since Android version 4.4, this validation de connexion came strengthen the protection of your devices. So, unless you have tampered with it, you are safe. Keep an eye on your phone, however.

How to enable USB debugging on Android

As explained above, The “ USB debugging“Is a feature that simply allows you to grant you more rights on your phone to be able to use the USB connection, for different purposes. In our case, this will allow the connection and thus the USB connection sharing.

Debugging on a recent version of Android

The procedure is a bit different depending on your version of Android. On recent phones, do like this:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • At the very bottom, you will find the tab " About the phone", Open the
  • You will arrive on the page below. Repeatedly press " Build number "Until you see the information" you are a developer« 
about phone, enable debugging on android 10
  • Once this is done, go back, and open the " system and update« 
  • Open the option you unlocked " developer options« 
  • Navigate through this menu until you find the " USB debugging«, And activate the
how to enable usb debugging on new android version

From there, you can enjoy the features of this option. You will still have to validate the manipulation when you go USB connect your phone to your computer. You will see a message like "trust this computer for USB debugging.

If your phone is older, the procedure may look like this:

Configure USB debugging on an older version of Android

The procedure is very close, but small details can change.

  • As before, go to the settings from your Android smartphone, then at the bottom, " about the phone« 
  • Find the line " Build number«, Then click on it Many times, until we tell you " you are a developer now " For my example the procedure has already been carried out. So I already have the title: " You are already a developer". This is a reminder to tell you that you need to be in control of what you are doing and measure the consequences, because as explained above, you have access to more data. smartphone sensitive.
old version of android, options for developers
  • Then go back, you will see a new option appear below the phone info: " developer options". In other words, you have access to advanced features smartphone, what we are looking for transfer your files from your smartphone to your computer.
USB connection developer options

Click on it, activate the option, then activate the " USB debugging". This will allow you to have more freedom of action on your Android smartphone, which will allow the connected device to see your smartphone and thus the connection that goes with it.

So here is how to enable USB debugging on different versions of Android. For more technical advice on the security or protection of your data, here are some interesting articles: