With the development of smartphones and in particular the size and quality of screens, it is now possible and even pleasant to be able to watch a film on your phone. Very practical when you are on the move and it is not necessarily possible to use your computer, being able to watch a film on your phone is an interesting alternative to pass the time.

In order to enjoy movies on your smartphone, you still need to have some preparation. This means that you must download these films before you can watch them.

The objective of this article is therefore to show you how to download movies to your Android smartphone. In general, you need to download an application that will allow you to access these films and series.

Each application has its operating mode, with its personal catalog. We are going to go over some of the most popular and top rated ones to shed some light on the subject.

Download a movie to your phone using Google Play Movie and Series

The official Google app dedicated to movies and series simply gives you access to a great catalog of films and series available for download. By default, you must have the application on your phone, otherwise it is available at free download on the Play-Store from your phone.

- Clean, intuitive interface
- relatively many choices
- No advertising
- You have to pay for each movie or video viewing
download films and series on google play films and series

Download a movie or series with the Netflix app

Renowned for offering streaming movies or series, the application is now also developing in the field of download movies / series, and watch offline. Very practical if you want to anticipate a trip during which you will not have internet access, by plane for example.

To access it simply download the app to your Android phone.

- A wide choice of films and series
- Easy to use and ergonomic application
- No advertising
- Monthly subscription required
- Not possible to download all films / series, only some are available for download
download movies on netflix android

Download movies or series with Youtube on Android

In the same principle as Netflix, YouTube offers its rental or sale of films, with the option of downloading. You therefore have the possibility of downloading these films or series in order to watch them later when you no longer have internet.

To take advantage of the service, simply download the application from your Play-Store.

Please note: YouTube works in two different ways. The free version, for which you access the content by viewing advertisements, and the version Premium YouTube, paid, which gives you access to all content without any advertising + specific exclusive content. BUT you do not have access to pay movies thanks to this subscription. You only have access to free standard content posted daily.

download movies youtube android

"Your YouTube Premium membership does not included access to any content that requires purchase, such as rentals, pay-per-view purchases, gold paid channel subscriptions. ... With YouTube Premiumyou can watch millions of videos without ads ”.

If you want to access the download movies and series, whether you have a Premium subscription or not, it will be the same price, depending on the movies you want to download.

- A wide choice, permanently accessible after purchase
- Easy to use and intuitive application
- No access to movies and series with YouTube Premium

Conclusion on downloading movies on Android phone

As you can see, most of the offers offered above are paid offers, thus limiting the risk of finding poor quality or pirated content, which could cause damage to your phone. There are obviously free download solutions, but rarely of high quality, and often illegal, that's why we made the choice not to mention them in this article.