photo logo with time and date on android phone

You recall important moments in your life by watching photos on your phone, but you have a hard time remind you of the exact date. Yet it is really practical and pleasant to know what specific moment these memories go back.

This allows us to frame our memories a little, in order to tell these stories even more accurately. Unfortunately, it was previously possible with most cameras of the time to note the date and time with the recorded pictures.

Today, in the digital age, we often have a pile of photos on our phones, sometimes with only the details of the file.

So you want better date these memories, by displaying the date and time on your photos, on your Android smartphone.

In this article, we will detail you different methods, to help you time stamp your photos. There are two ways to do this.

First, it is important to know that this functionality is generally not accessible by our phones without the help of an external application.

So you will have to download a tool from the Play-store.

Different methods to time stamp your photos on Android smartphone

Here are the two different techniques to show the time and date on your shots. The first method involves downloading a camera app that will be able to display the time and date in real time, and save your shot with it.

Download a camera app with time stamp option

We have selected for you one of the best applications on the market for this functionality. However, in this first method, you will have the possibility of inserting the time and date on the next photos you take, on your Android phone.

In other words, if you want timestamp your photos already taken, which are in your gallery, go directly to the following paragraph for the 2nd method.

For this functionality, you just need download this application from the Play-store;

take photo app link with android time and date

We have selected the PRO version, here at $ 5, because she is really performances. There is the free version here, but less stable, and some of which users report auto focus problem on Android phone.

It's up to you to see what use you have of it. If you use it often, go for the pro version. Otherwise, if your usage is very punctual, the free version will do.

Back on this pro version, this one will allow you to take quality shots, and then add the time and date very easily.

Rated almost 5/5 among more than 2000 users, this application is notably used by professionals, all happy with the result.

If however you wish enter the date and time of your snapshots on existing photos on your Android phone, so here is the second method.

Use a photo manager app to add the date and time

In this manipulation, you will therefore be able to manually add a specific time and date to your existing snapshots.

It makes sense to know this information. Here is what application you can download, we have tested several and selected in our opinion the best on Android smartphone :

link download app add time date photo android

This application will simply allow you to add text, precise time and date. You will have the choice to opt for thetime and date the photo was taken, or a personalized date, when the photo was already on your gallery.

The very simple and intuitive operation will allow you time stamp your images and videos in no time.

So here are the two main methods to mention the time and date on your photo albums. If you want to go further in the customization of your photos, here are other related articles: