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Le service of Google, present by default on Android smartphones, has become essential when we use these phones. Indeed, as soon as you buy it, you are asked to create or youSynchronize with your Google account.

For some users, this can be a bit too intrusive, and you don't necessarily want to have a Google account with all the personal information that this involves giving.

In this article we will explain to you how to delete your Google account on an Android smartphone. We will see in detail the procedure for:

  • Desynchronize and remove an account from a smartphone, without deleting the account data
  • Remove one of Google's services from your account, be it Gmail or YouTube
  • Completely delete your entire Google account

We will explain the procedure to erase this data, and also how to make a backup beforehand, if you are interested.

How to desynchronize a Google account from a phone without deleting the data

It is possible that you wanted to remove a Google account from a smartphone without deleting it. It is therefore necessary to dissociate the action of a total deletion, where you would lose the data.

So you have to differentiate the deletion of data locally, only on a ring road, but still available online, and the total deletion of the account, wherever it is.

For unsynchronize your Google account from the phone, do like this:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Go down in the options, and open the tab " Accounts« 
  • Press on " Google« 
  • You will see the different google accounts are synchronized with this phone. Click on the one you want to remove
  • At the bottom of your screen, you can see the option " Supprimer". This will remove the account from that phone.

Note that with this procedure you cannot remove all the accounts present on the phone, because Google wants one to remain as the primary account to use the services and other applications. You do not can withdraw your account that if you have any another synchronized with your Android phone.

so here's how to delete a google account from a device Android. We repeat, this only removes data locally. If you wishz completely delete this data from your accounthere is how to do it.

How to permanently delete a Google service or account

We are now moving to a tutorial to explain how to remove a specific service from Google that you do not use on your android phone, or as a last resort permanently delete your Google account completely.

Delete a specific service from Google, such as Gmail or YouTube

In order to you get rid of just one of Google's services that you don't use, here's how:

  • Open your Google account, by opening a Google page, and tapping on your small photo at the top right of the screen
  • On your account, scroll through the main menus at the top, until you get to " Data and customization« 
  • In these "Data", scroll through the options to the " Delete a service or an account« 
  • Then choose " Delete a Google service« 
  • On this last menu, you can thus remove the Google service you don't wants. Attention, this manipulation erase all data concerning him. It is recommended make a backup beforehand by downloading the data.

so here's how to delete a specific service only. For erase all data from your entire account on Android smartphone, it's almost the same procedure.

How to delete your entire Google account on Android smartphone

For delete your Google account permanently, here's how:

  • On the menu Data and customization Quoted above, enter the tab " Delete your Google account« 
  • Enter your password, then validate. You will arrive on a page like below.
delete your google account on android

Pay close attention to the procedure that will follow, take the time to read. This manipulation will delete all your data, but also close the various accounts associated with your Google account. This can have irreversible consequences, so be extra careful.

This will impact:

  • Your emails and contacts
  • Your YouTube account
  • All subscriptions or app purchases
  • Google Drive
  • A possible Adsense account

This is a procedure that needs to be considered, it is possible to make backups before finalizing the operation.

Here you now know everything about deleting a Google service or account. To go further in the deleting accounts or data on Android smartphone, here are some articles that could to interest :