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Newer smartphones, almost like a computer, have a freedom to manage and move files. This allows you to organize your content, move files, and create folders to store them.

In order to be able to do this, you must first have a file manager, this is the tool that will allow you to do it. In this article we will explain to you how to use a file manager in order to create a new folder.

In a second part, we will present some of the best file managers available on Android, in order to help you better sort and manage your folders.

Here is how to create a new folder on android smartphone.

Use your file manager to create a new folder on Android phone

To recall, a dossier is a " compartment" , or " drawer" , which allows tidy up files inside. As for a file, it is the equivalent of a document, ie for example, a photo, a text, a video ...

Not to be confused therefore, otherwise we get lost.

We will show you the procedure of file creation on a recent version of Android (version 10), and an older version (version 6), so that you have more options.

First, here is how to create a folder on Android 10.

Create a new folder on a recent version of Android

  • Open your file manager app
  • Among 3 menus at the bottom from your screen, open the " categories« 
  • Choose on which medium you want to create your file, internal storage ou memory card
  • When you are in your storage of choice, press the 3 small dots at the top right from your screen, then " New« 
  • End with choose the name of the new folder that you wish create

As you can see, it is very simple. On an older version of Android this can vary a bit, but it's often very close.

Create a folder on an old version of Android (Android 6 for example)

Here is an example of creation of files on version 6 of android, to help you find your way around.

  • Open your file manager, and press the " files on top of screen
  • Also select the memory on which you want create this file (Here phone memory)
  • Tap 3 small dots at the bottom of the screen, then " New folder« 
create android folder old version

And now, voila ! You know now create a folder on Android, in order to tidy up files and better organize your phone.

To end this article, here is a small selection of best file manager apps, if you want to use something other than the application natively available on Android.

Download a file manager app on Android

Here are credible alternatives to the tool present by default on Android.

  • I File Manager
mi file manager: manage files and folders on android

Noted almost 5/5 on the Play-store by more than 2 million users, I File Manager is unanimous among file managers. Simple, fast and convenient to use, this free application fully deserves this rating. Among the advantages of this, we find in particular:

  • View the files you've worked with recently without looking for them. You can also perform a specific search to find a folder or file
  • You can sort files according to their format
  • Compatible with most of the file formats: Open videos, music, documents, APKs and compressed files simply
  • Storage : View your storage statistics and manage all folders on your phone
  • We Drop : Share files with friends who are nearby without you connect to the Internet.

  • File manager
file manager for android

This application has more or less the same features as Mi File Manager a bit higher. We will also note a service of synchronization with your drive, whether it is Google drive or Dropbox, very practical for manage all of your files, wherever they are.

  • File master
file master: better manage your folders and files on your phone

Last choice of our test, File Master is also among the top rated apps on the market. Has all the features mentioned above, and also a data protection service, where you can store documents offline, and also create folders protected by passwords, pattern, or even fingerprint, the ultimate security to protect data.

So here is everything you need to know about the creation and management of files on Android smartphone. To go further in this management, here are other articles that will interest you on our site: