convert a word file to pdf on your Android smartphone

When we write to a text file, most of the time we use the Word software. This is very convenient, but it also has some constraints, when we try to send it.

In addition, it looks a lot professional send a PDF file than a word file. It therefore seems very interesting to convert Word file to PDF file before sending it.

So we will explain in this article how to convert your Word files to PDF easily. We will also remind you of the main advantages of doing this.

If however it is a photo you want to convert to a PDF file, here is a detailed guide for that:

Why convert Word file to PDF file

There are multiple bespoke à transform your Word files into PDF format:

  • Safety  : It is possible to configure access and security levels. Very handy if you are transferring personal or confidential documents, which you want to protect.
  • Maintain graphic integrity : A PDF file will always remain the same regardless of which computer or phone you open it. In addition, any media can open it easily without compatibility issues. Handy if you send documents to someone who has a phone from another brand, for example.
  • A compact format : It is possible to compress PDF file in order to limit its size, without impacting its image quality. Very handy if you want to convert a large number of Word files.

So here are all benefits you may have from converting a text file to PDF. The procedure is free and very simple, it's your turn to play now!

How to turn a Word file into a PDF file on your phone

In order to transform your file, you will need to download an application. By default, it is not possible to do this on Android. Fortunately, as so often, if your phone is unable to perform an operation, an app will do it for you.

Convert Word files to PDF with an Android application

Here is an application allowing you to convert your Word files into PDF files:

convert word file to PDF on android

You can also access it directly from your Play-store, by typing Word to PDF converter.

Once you have installed the application, handling is very simple:

  • Launch the application
  • Choose a file you want to convert (you need to find it on your phone by browsing the files)
  • Once found, start the conversion, and it's already done!

Note that you can also do the reverse procedure, namely convert PDF file to Word file.

As you can see, converting your files is easy. It may happen that sometimes depending on the version of Android you have, malfunctions appear. In this case, we advise you to try other applications. Here is a small list of possible alternatives to convert your text files to PDF.

More applications to convert Word files to PDF on Android smartphone

It's another free converter app that we tested, which works perfectly. It also allows sign your PDF documents, in order to enhance security and thus avoid data theft or plagiarism.

This more versatile tool supports other formats files, such as:

  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • ODT
  • RTF
  • PPT

This application specializes in the reverse operation, convert PDF to Word file, which you can modify. This feature can also be very useful to you. Of course, the app also works the other way around, convert Word to PDF.

Applications or website: how to quickly convert a PDF to Word?

We are increasingly digitizing administrative (and other) documents. In some cases, for example, when you have to fill out a form for taxes, or URSSAF, you have to be able to edit it. At that point, two solutions will be available to us. The first will ask you to have a printer-scanner at your disposal in order to print the document received, to fill it in manually, and to scan it once finished. The second will be much more profitable for both parties, because you will only need to use a PDF to Word converter to be able to edit the document from your computer, your tablet or directly on your smartphone.

For this solution you will therefore have to find a converter like for the purpose of converting these documents free of charge. Of course, you can edit the Word document on the application or software dedicated to this purpose, but you can also edit it from free solutions such as Google Docs for example. Once finished, you will only have to save it, and go back to the online converter to convert it from Word to PDF in order to send it back to whom it may concern.