Excel to PDF conversion symbol on Android phone

Nowadays a lot of people work on Excel software. This file format allows for a lot of calculations and manipulation. It is very convenient for various reasons.

However, when it comes to sending this file, or just selecting a part of it for presentation, Excel is less convenient.

This is when the PDF format matches perfectly. First, we will remind why convert Excel file to PDF file is a good idea. We will summarize the strengths of a PDF file.

Then we will explain to you simply how to convert Excel file to PDF from your Android smartphone.

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Why convert Excel file to PDF on Android

We'll give you a summary of the main benefits of converting your file, and why PDF is great.

Advantages of a PDF document on Android smartphone

  • PDFs are universal. No matter what material you use to read it, it will work, and in the format the sender wants. In addition, any authoring tool can convert a file to excel when saving. It even reduces the size of the file!
  • It is free to read a PDF file. Most readers are available free on the web. Moreover, whether you are on computer or smartphone, Apple or Android, there are always tools to read these PDF files.
  • Safe : If you convert a file to PDF, it will not be easily editable. And if it is, it will leave traces. So you will have the opportunity to prove that a document is no longer original.
    Moreover, you can protect it with a password. This allows the creator and the recipient to be sure that the information is well protected. Many companies use this format to protect sensitive data.
  • You can sign your documents and personalize them. In addition, when you consult a PDF document, it is possible to perform a search in order to directly reach the information you need.

So many advantages that push to use the PDF format to the maximum. Here is now a quick little tutorial to explain different methods to convert your Excel file to PDF format.

How to convert Excel document to PDF format on Android smartphone

It is very easy to transform an Excel file into PDF. There are two different methods. The first is to simply save your document as a PDF. The second method is to use a document conversion tool.

Save Excel file in PDF format on Android smartphone

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to transform your file. Here the example manipulation was performed on Google Sheet, but the procedure is identical.

  • Open the Excel document you want to edit
  • Look for the tab " share and export " or " record« 
  • Choose the output format: PDF
  • You potentially have to choose the destination of the file, and voila

Here is the first method to change your Excel file to PDF. Now, we offer you an alternative to transform your document, directly online.

Edit an Excel document in PDF format on Android smartphone directly on the web

here is a direct link to an online file modifier. The functionality is extremely simple. You just have to select the file you want to edit, then click convert. You will simply have to choose the destination file and then upload your document.

link for online excel file to PDF converter
Click to convert your Excel file to PDF

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