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You own a large number of files in EPUB format and you want to convert them to PDF on your Android smartphone. For the record, EPUB is the diminutive of Electronic Publication.

La Book Industry Study Group approved the EPUB format as the format of choice for digital books. They stated that the global book publishing industry should rally around a single standard. This makes it easier to read and share on the different reading tools (phone, tablet, e-reader, etc.)

PDF, on the other hand, is a standard document format, whether written or imaged, and the objective of which is to keep the format and layout exactly.

But then what format to choose for your files?

In this article we will explain to you how to convert your EPUB files to PDF file on Android phone. But also, we will explain the difference between the two and in which context to choose one or the other.

How to convert EPUB file to PDF format on Android smartphone

We will reveal to you different methods to convert your documents.

  • First, we will explain how to modify these files. with a tool directly online.
    So you don't have to download anything, everything is done on the internet.
  • The second method, on the other hand, requires download an application on your Android smartphone.

Convert EPUB File to PDF on Android with Online Tool

The first method of file conversion is very simple. Just click on the link below to access the tool for converting your files.

convert EPUB file to PDF link

When you're on the page, it's easy:

  • You first select your document to convert
  • Choose the destination format : logically it remains on PDF
  • From there you just have to download the converted document

Here is the first method we recommend, which is quick and easy. however, you may prefer the second way, by downloading an application on your phone.

Convert EPUB Document to PDF Using an Android App

This application is called " EPUB to PDF“, Which you can find on the Play-store as a free download.

application link convert EPUB file to PDF on android

Once the application is installed, it works exactly the same as the tool used in the previous paragraph:

  • You select your document to convert
  • Choose the destination format :PDF
  • Download the converted document

As you can see, the procedure is childish. But do you really know why you want to convert your documents? Here is a small comparison of these two formats in order to choose the best one according to your use.

What is the Difference Between EPUB and PDF File

Little reminder of what these are two formats:

  • The EPUB file is a document specially designed to be read, on different media. It has the particularity of adapting to the format on which it is used. Which means if you're reading on a tablet, phone, or e-reader, the page always adapts.
  • The PDFs are essentially digital printed documents. The main objective of this format is to transcribe exactly the original format, without modifying or adapting anything. This has many advantages in many situations, but not so much in reading.

EPUB format, advantage for reading

Why an EPUB format for reading versus PDF : The main difference is in the reading experience. Books published online in EPUB format have the advantage in terms of readability.

The EPU format was created with today's mobile device readers in mind. This is due to "refluxability". This term means that no matter the size of the screen, the document will always be adapted to that one. This is not the case with PDF.

If you read a PDF on a tablet, for example, you should constantly pinch, zoom, and scroll horizontally. An ePub document will be automatically resized to fit the screen, especially by making text “flow” around images.

It is for this major reason that publishers have unanimously chosen this format for reading. Be careful though, if your desire to convert your documents is other than just reading, then you may be right!

Summary of PDF Benefits

  • PDFs are universal. No matter which reading tool you use, you will be able to read this file. In addition, these tools are free.
  • You can sign your documents and personalize them. In addition, when you consult a PDF document, it is possible to perform a search in order to directly reach the information you need.
  • Safe : If you transform a file into PDF, it will not be easily editable. And if it is, it will leave traces. So you will have the opportunity to prove that a document is no longer original.
    In addition, you can protect by password. This allows the creator and recipient to be sure that the information is well protected. Many companies use this format in order to protect sensitive data.

So here is a small comparison of these two formats, it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best according to your use. If, however, you had problems with reading your PDF documents, here is a complete guide to help you resolve malfunctions: