How to connect to Wifi with an Android

You have recently purchased a new Android smartphone and you are not sure how to connect it to WiFi at home.

Do not panic, this very simple manipulation will be carried out in a few minutes. Before we show you specifically how to connect your Android phone to WiFi, we will also review the benefits of this practice.

Why connect to Wifi with an Android phone

Why connect to Wifi with an Android phone

You may not know it, but your phone consumes a lot of internet data, even without you doing anything. Even in your pocket, you consume data. And it can be very expensive, knowing that our subscriptions are not never unlimited in internet data. For example, all Social networks, even if you do not use them at the moment, can consume you of the package. It may also be that app updates launch automatically. When you connect your smartphone to Wifi, you therefore have access to an unlimited internet network allowing you to make the most of its potential.

Now let's see how to connect your android phone to WiFi network.

Connect to Wifi on an Android phone

android phone wifi settings

First of all, you need to go to your phone settings. This is where you will find most of the configurable options for your smartphone.

So at the top you can see the tab " Wi-Fi" page (in French).

Activate by dragging the button to the right, then click on it to see the different Wifi networks available which you can connect to.

Your screen should display information like this:

Android wifi networks

This represents the set of wifi networks that your smartphone is able to pick up in the vicinity. So choose the one to which you want to connect your Android, then click on it. Logically, if it is a private network, such as the internet box at home, you will need to enter a mot de passe. If you do not have it, look on or below the internet box, it is logically written on. Note that it is also possible to change this password in your computer settings if you do not want to keep a complicated wifi password to remember.

Different types of wifi

There are generally two types of WiFi, public wifi, which you can usually connect to with your Android smartphone without a password such as at airports, or private networks, which everyone has at home with their internet box. So be careful when you are connected to a public network, many people have access to it.

Different types of android wifi

Among these private networks, there is a sub-category called hidden networks. It is simply a private network that we wanted to hide voluntarily so that nobody can see it and therefore connect to it. This is additional security that we can take if we have doubts as to who connects to it. You should know that it is possible (dishonestly of course) that someone connect to your Wifi without having given him the password. This is obviously very rare.

To be able to connect with your Android smartphone to hidden private network, you will have to enter the precise information of this wifi directly. To access this login page, click on the cross in the middle at the bottom of your screen. You will have to inform the Network SSID, security format, Then the mot de passe. Remember, this mainly concerns people with advanced knowledge on the subject, who do this for a specific purpose.

android wifi network connection
Click on the jute cross above to connect to a hidden network

Frequent wifi connection error on Android

If however you cannot connect, this can be explained for various reasons. Most of the time, it is simply the password that is misspelled. Make sure you respect the case and the spaces.

If you click on a network then enter the password, and you do not see the connection being made but rather writes " recorded“, This means that the wrong password has been entered. To start over, click on the Wifi network, then on " remove". Then repeat the login procedure with the correct password.

When you connect to WiFi, so you will need to enter the password only the first time, logically your Android smartphone to connect to automatically as soon as the network is available and your phone's wifi is on.