How to connect a Wii controller on Android

Since the recent boom in video games and especially on smartphones, it becomes more and more interesting there connect different controllers to be able to enjoy it. Most of the time, we think of connecting playstation or Xbox controllers but know that it is also possible to connect Wii console controllers.

The objective of this article is therefore to show you in a few steps how connect a Wii controller to your Android smartphone so you can play the games.

Connect a Wii controller on an Android smartphone

How to connect a Wii controller on Android

To can play on your Android smartphone with your Wii controller, you are going to have to follow different simple steps, which we summarize first. So you need:

  • Check the compatibility from your Android smartphone to the controller
  • Bring your Wii controller
  • Download has a application on your phone
  • Connect your controller to your phone in Bluetooth

Step 1: Compatibility

To ensure that your smartphone is therefore compatible with the Wii controller, go to this site:

You will have the list of compatible devices.

Step 2: Download an application

So that your controller is recognized by your Android smartphone, you are going to download an application. This one is called " WiiMote Controler“, You will find it on the Play-store like any other application that you have to download.

Step 3: Connect your Wii controller via bluetooth to your smartphone

How to connect a Wii controller on Android

When you have downloaded the app, turn on your bluetooth then launch the application. Also turn on your controller, pressing buttons 1 and 2 at the same time. When it is on, it will therefore be visible to your Android smartphone, you just have to press 1 from the WiiMote app on your phone to pair it.

If everything has worked so far, your controller is connected to your Android smartphone and you are ready to play !

Recommendations for playing on Android with a Wii controller

How to connect a Wii controller on Android

When you have completed all of the steps explained above, your two devices should be connected. Now we advise you to check which games are compatible with your Wii controller, to be able to make the most of it. Indeed, some games are not optimized for this use, it will not work or it will work poorly, which will reduce the pleasure of play.

For it, inquire on the net and make yourself a list of your favorite games compatible!

Last thing, don't forget to deactivate bluetooth when you are done playing, or you will drain the battery of your devices very quickly otherwise.