connect ps3 controller on smartphone

If you have a Playstation 3 and you want to use the controllers on your Android smartphone, know that it is quite possible and that the procedure is relatively simple. We will explain the procedure for connecting the controller, in several steps.

Know that you have two options to link it to your Android smartphone. The first option will be done with a cable connection, and is intended for non-rooted smartphones (a root means that we remove certain restrictions from the manufacturers in order to access more functionality on our Android smartphone). You will have to download an application (paid, but for a few euros). The second option, for non-rooted phones, will be to buy a USB cable from (called OTG, On The Go), so that the smartphone recognize the PS3 controller.

How to connect your PS3 controller to Android by cable

connect ps3 controller to smartphone by cable

As we mentioned in the introduction, you will need to have a OTG cable in order to link your PS3 controller to your Android smartphone. This small cable, worth around 5-10 €, increases the compatibility of the USB port on your smartphone, initially limited to charging or transferring data. With this one, your smartphone can finally recognize your PS3 controller.

Once you have the cable, just connect your two devices, wait a little while the recognition is done, and you will see appear on the screen of your smartphone the device corresponding to your PS3 controller.

This option therefore concerns wired PS3 controllers. For non-wired controllers, the connection procedure is a little more complicated, since you need to root your smartphone. we explain it to you in a second part.

How to connect the PS3 controller to Android using bluetooth

connect bluetooth ps3 controller

First of all, si your smartphone is not rooted, it will therefore be necessary to carry out the operation. Be careful however with this procedure, as we explained to you, you will have access to sensitive data from your smartphone, so if you damage something, you will no longer be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

To root your phone, it's very simple, just download an application who can perform the manipulation.

We recommend you kingoo root, a very simple to use and very effective application. You will find the link here to download it to your computer.

Once the application has been downloaded (in APK format), you need to transfer to your smartphone. you have several options to do this, if you have transfer software (Airdroid type) use it, otherwise you can simply send yourself an email and open it on your Android smartphone.

Once you have the application on your smartphone, so you just have to launch it to be able to root your Android smartphone. Follow the steps outlined by the application.
Be careful, this procedure may cause data loss, so be very careful, save your data !!

Once your smartphone is rooted, be sure to compatibility of your smartphone, you can download the application Sixaxis Compatibility Checker, which will simply let you know if your Android smartphone is compatible with your Playstation 3 controller. Please note, however, it will not be compatible with smartphones with version 2.2 or earlier.

Once you are sure that your smartphone is compatible, you will need to download two applications to your PC, but you will need to install one on your Android smartphone.

One on your PC " Sixaxis pair tool“, Which will allow you to change the bluetooth address of your smartphone. Click here to download .

The second application " Sixaxis controller", Which you must download to your PC in" APK »But then transfer to your Android smartphone in order to pair your Playstation 3 controller to your Android smartphone. Here is the download link.

Once you have downloaded these two applications, and installed Sixaxis on your Android Smartphone, we can start the procedure.

ps3 controller android smartphone
  • Connect your PS3 controller to your PC via USB. Wait a moment for the compatibility drivers to install.
  • Launch the application " Sixaxis Pair Tool On your PC. It will detect your dualshock 3 controller and will display a small window, with its bluetooth address in front of the title " Current Master". It is normally a sequence of 12 characters. Just on the line below you see a line “ Change Master“, With a blank to fill in this line. Keep this window open. You will have to fill in the blank with the bluetooth address of your Android smartphone, which you will find by launching the other application, " Sixaxis controller On your Android smartphone.
  • Launch the application " Sixaxis Controller On your phone. At the very bottom of your screen, you will see “ Local Bluetooth“, With another list of 12 characters. Copy this list into the application " Sixaxis Pair Tool »On your PC, this will reconfigure the bluetooth of your controller so that it can be twinned to your smartphone.
  • Now you will be able to connect your controller to your smartphone. Disconnect the USB cable from your controller. Take your PS3 controller and press Home. At the same time, you will have to launch " Sixaxis Controller On your phone, and press Start at the top left. If you see " Client Connected: 1“Is that you have succeeded!
  • You only have one step left, define your controller as a usage device instead of the keyboard / screen of your smartphone. To do this, press " Change input method »(Change the input mode) to select your Playstation 3 controller. That's it, you can now play!
playstation on android

Conclusion on the PS3 controller on Android smartphone

As you saw a little above, the handling is not too complicated if you follow the steps scrupulously, and that you are very careful. Last warning, this is not compatible with all games, which optimize their own mode of operation and compatibility, so check the internet for each game you want to play.