Before choosing a Fiber or ADSL provider, it is important to identify your internet needs. One of the things you need to consider is the choice between mobile broadband and home broadband. Several providers offer you the choice between fixed internet and mobile broadband plans, but the solutions can also be purchased from separate retailers.

Here are some terms explained to fully understand the offer:

What does “fixed broadband” mean?

Fixed broadband describes technologies that use "fixed" wires to connect to the Internet. It therefore covers connections that pass through cables, whether they are fiber optic networks or the Internet via the telephone socket or the cable television socket, respectively in fiber, ADSL or COAX. You should choose a landline if you need the internet at home and use it frequently. You can get the fastest fixed broadband, especially by choosing fiber.

What is mobile broadband?

If you need inexpensive internet access, for example on your laptop, outside the walls of your house, you should go for mobile broadband. Mobile broadband is portable broadband that allows you to get an internet connection through a SIM card that you can plug into a small router or USB stick. Mobile broadband therefore works like the internet on a smartphone. This is why this type of internet is ideal for your portable devices or your vacation home, where you don't want to pay for fixed internet.

Mobile broadband can be expensive in the long run if your household is a heavy Internet user. Heavy activities like streaming TV and online computer games are expensive with mobile broadband because there is an upper limit to how much data you can consume. Mobile broadband technology is evolving rapidly. The famous 4G technology now makes it possible to offer even faster speeds in more regions of France than certain “ordinary” broadband solutions. The mobile network is constantly evolving, and 4G + is currently a reality in several large French cities. In principle, 4G + speeds are twice as fast as regular 4G, and the mobile network can therefore offer higher internet access speeds than DSL technology.

However, 4G coverage is a little more geographically limited than traditional fixed internet technology (xDSL).

What is ADSL (Internet via telephone line)?

Internet via telephone line (ADSL) has been the most widely used internet technology in France over the years, as it allows connection to the internet through ordinary landline telephone lines (also known as the en copper). The copper network in France is owned by TDC, but many providers rent space and offer internet to the French. It is therefore the same network (that of the CDT) that everyone uses. Therefore, in 99% of cases, the product offered by suppliers on the copper network will be the same. The fact that the products are identical is only the case for the Internet connection and not for the TV packages.

What is COAX (Internet through aerial socket or cable TV socket)?

Technology COAX means you are using the cable TV outlet to connect to the internet in your home. This means that you can receive both TV and internet over the same cable, but you can often only have one. COAX is the opposite of the copper network, where you need broadband to get TV. The potential of COAX technology is great, as it could deliver symmetrical speeds of over 1000 Mbps in the long run. However, it is far from possible for all French people to obtain the COAX.

What is optical fiber?

La fiber optic is a type of internet connection where the signal is carried by buried fiber optic cables. This means that the internet signal travels at the speed of light. This technology therefore makes it possible to achieve incredibly high speeds. In fact, fiber optic cables offer the fastest broadband in France. The fiber optic network is also characterized by symmetrical speeds. This means that the upload speed is the same as the upload speed - for example, you can get a 500/500 Mbps fiber optic subscription. Another advantage of fiber optics is that the internet will not be affected by the number of people connected to the internet at the same time.

More and more providers are opting for fiber optic broadband. The fiber optic network infrastructure has been considerably extended in recent years, making this attractive technology accessible to even more French people. Currently, not all French people have access to optical fiber.

Download speed

Download speed indicates how fast you can download something from the internet - for example, a video on Youtube. Unless you often need to upload large files to Dropbox or the like, for example, the upload speed should not be more than 5-10 Mbps.

What does Mbit mean?

Mbit is the abbreviation for megabit, which is a unit of measurement for the speed of the internet. 1 Mbps internet speed means you can transfer 1 megabit per second. There are 8 megabits in a megabyte, which is the most well-known unit. Usually we talk about bits as speed and bytes as amount of data. This means that 8Mbit per second is equivalent to one megabyte per second.

Most households today have an internet speed of between 10 and 30 Mbit / s, which makes it possible to stream television programs and download large files.

How to change access provider?

It depends on the conditions of your current subscription. First, check the contract length of your current subscription. If you have not yet reached the end of your subscription period with your provider, it is important that you terminate your subscription before the end of the subscription period. You can then start your new internet service if you want to avoid paying twice. If your current ISP does not keep their contractual promises, you will probably be able to legally cancel your current Internet subscription. This applies regardless of the duration of the contract.

Note that the process depends on which technology you want to switch to and from. If you already have an ADSL line and you decide to change provider but not technology, all you have to do is contact your new service provider and they will take care of the unsubscription procedure with your current company.

The situation is different if you have to change the technology by switching, for example, from ADSL to fiber or COAX. In this case, you should contact your current internet service provider and unsubscribe to ensure that you are not paying for two internet connections at the same time. The same is true if you switch from COAX. The new supplier can only cancel if the technology change is ADSL to ADSL.

We therefore advise you to compare the broadband subscriptions of different providers before making your choice.

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What internet speed do i need?

First of all, you should know that the speed of your internet connection is divided into two: downloading and sending. The number for the download speed appears first, followed by the number for the download speed.

Download speed

Download speed is the most important element when choosing a broadband connection. It indicates how fast you can download something to your computer. It therefore determines the quality of streaming movies, series and other television programs.

Internet at 25 Mbps

This internet speed can cover your browsing and music streaming needs, even if the internet connection is used by 2 or 3 computers at the same time. If there are more than three of you using the internet for heavy tasks, such as video streaming or Skype at the same time, you should consider higher internet speed.

Internet at 50 Mbps

This internet speed can be used for activities - such as streaming, gaming, and downloading files - on 4-5 devices at the same time. If you are a family, this internet speed can really cover your needs. However, the speed may be limited if one or more users download very large files.

Internet at 100 Mbps

This speed is more and more appreciated by the population as it helps to cope with data intensive activities, such as downloading large files, playing games and streaming high quality TV programs. Several devices can be used simultaneously without any problem. However, not everyone can benefit from this speed.

Internet at 1000 Mbps

Few households need a 1000 Mbps internet connection. Unless you have a very large family that uses the internet to simultaneously stream high quality TV programs or play high resolution games, there is no reason to invest in internet speed. also high. This speed can only be achieved by COAX or fiber optic networks.

Should I buy broadband and low cost TV from the same provider?

Several service providers offer bundles, which allow you to benefit from the Internet and television at a single price. Choosing a bundle can have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that paying for several different products at the same time reduces the number of invoices, which should make it easier to meet payment deadlines. Also, sometimes you get more for your money as several companies offer some sort of volume discount.

On the other hand, it can be more difficult to know what you are paying for each included service. If you choose the wrong option, you may be limited in your choice as the plans are often standardized. It can mean that you are paying for services and features that you don't really use.

We recommend that you do a thorough market research first. You can try to compare internet and TV packages together and separately. During this process, you should consider whether you are benefiting from the additional services that are usually included in bundles. Likewise, it is worth considering whether the company that offers the best internet connection to your address also offers TV packages. You might get the best quality by separating the two. However, it should be noted that with some providers you have to bundle both TV and broadband if you want to have TV. You can find out more and compare the prices of TV and broadband deals here.

Where can I find cheap broadband?

It's hard to say which ISP usually offers the cheapest broadband, as it depends on several parameters. First of all, the provider offering the cheapest Internet offer is not necessarily the most interesting, because a cheap offer often implies a rather low speed.

Where you live in France also plays a role. The choice of internet service providers is far from uniform across the country. Even on the same residential street, the choice of ISPs may vary from house to house. It is therefore important that you compare the possible choices for your particular address.