change voice gps android waze

With the use of Waze GPS, it is very practical to be guided by the voices in order to find your way. However, if you take to the road often, it can sometimes be repetitive and annoying to always hear the same voice that guides you.

The objective of this article is to simply explain to you how to change the voice of Waze on your Android smartphone in order to diversify your journeys a little and make them a little more fun!

Change the voice of waze directly from the Waze app settings on your phone

The first and simplest solution is to choose a different voice from the settings of your phone application. It could not be easier :

  • Open the Waze app
  • Go to the settings by clicking on the small wheel at the top right of your menu
  • Open the tab voices and sounds
  • Press Waze voice
  • From there, you can choose from the available voices, and even to record your own voice

If this option is not enough for you, there are other options that we will introduce to you now.

Use an application containing a large choice of voices for Waze

There are applications with a large database allowing you to use a large number of different voices to guide you on Waze.

To download it, nothing more simple, just go to the Play store of your Android phone, then type funvoicegps and download the application.

Nothing could be simpler to change your voice on Waze, and to be able to vary your routes!

If however the language barrier is not a problem for you, here is also another language pack available in English, on the famous Reddit forum.

Change your voice on the waze app with a language pack

As explained above, there are many language packs for your Waze gps. A user gathered them here on this forum page. Simply click on the image to find the link to download voices:

waze voice pack on android