different logo themes on android

We talk about it very often, and it is one of the main advantages of android, you have the possibility to customize your smartphone in many ways. In theory, it would be possible to find an almost endless number of different Android smartphones, so many options are available. Root your phone, choose fonts, themes, applications, colors, etc.

This also allows you to renew the colors and themes that you usez, to avoid getting bored. Today we want to focus in this article on the themes.

So what is it ? The theme of your smartphone represents the set of patterns and colors, which decorate the main menu and navigation in your phone.

Changing the theme can strongly influence the look of your phone according to your personal tastes.

so here's how to change theme on android smartphone.

Personalize your smartphone with a new theme

By default, you have access to some sort of theme store on your phone. Like the Play-store, designed for applications, there is a theme “market” on Android.

Some are chargeable, and others are free. You can therefore consult it to find the theme that suits you best.

To access it, it's very simple:

  • Open them settings from your phone
  • In the search bar, type " écran« 
  • Open the " home screen and wallpaper« 
  • Enter the menu Topics:

As you can see here, once you enter the " Topics: “, You have the possibility to choose the theme which corresponds to you, by navigating in the various tabs.

  • Recommendations : Some new themes which are showing, sometimes with discounts on some of them
  • Categories : Allows you to sort the themes according to whether they are free or paid
  • Discovery : Allows you to discover themes according to categories specific, for example " authentic arts" , or " traveling"," games"... etc

In short, here you have a huge catalog of themes to personalize your Android phone. Once you've made your selection, you can install it.

Depending on the brand of smartphone you own, you will have access to a store of different themes. Here on our test phone we have access to the " Huawei shop" , specific to our test phone.

La procedure remains the same no matter your phone, maybe the themes will be different. There are in any case a very large number for personalize your smartphone.

Change the theme on older versions of Android

If your phone is older, around version 6-7 of Android, you may not be able to change the theme itself. You can however change the wallpaper, which is the simplified version of a theme change.

To do this, do not look for a theme, but simply a wallpaper, in your phone's settings.

Offer a theme on Android

Be aware that it is also possible to offer one of the proposed themes. It is a feature on Android. A small gift that you can give to your loved one to allow them to discover new ways to personalize their phone.

For it, just click on the gift at the top right of your screen.

offer android theme

So here is simply how to change the theme of your android phone. If you want to personalize your phone even more, and access new themes, it is also possible to change the Launcher.

What is that ? This is the application that takes care of starting and managing all the applications, as well as your phone's navigation settings.

In other words, if you want customize your phone in changing theme, changing the Launcher is also very efficient.

Here's how.

Install a new Launcher to change the theme on Android

Each Launcher on Android has its own themes. Thus, depending on the chosen theme, you will have access to brand new themes, still different from what you have today.

As explained above, there are other Launchers that will allow you to take advantage of other themes.

Caution : All of this Alternative launchers are paid for the majority. Some are free, but not all of them. In general, we advise you to invest a little money in it in order to have a quality product.

Sometimes, you have to know how to put your hand in the wallet to have quality!

If despite everything you do not want to pay, we have tried to find the best alternative for you, and selected a Free Launcherwithout ads, which has a nice theme.

Although it is free, it still has paid content.

To try it, it's here:

android launcher application to change smartphone theme

Cliquez simply on the image to find its Play-store page, and so install it.

Once you've installed it, launch the setting. You will arrive on a page like this one in example :

Android Smart Launcher to change theme on android

You have different options.

  • Different paid choices, depending on your preference
  • A choice free, if you click on the cross at the top right of your screen, as shown in the photo

If you opt for the paid mode, you will have access to more content, and there there are no advertisements.

Once all this is configured, here is how to change your theme. You even have the possibility to personalize it, in the settings of your phone. You are free to look for another launcher on the Play-store, in order to be able to customize your Android smartphone in a different way.

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