All browsers seek to become the one you use by default on your phone. Initially, each operating system has its own own default browser:

  • Safari for IOS
  • Pure Android Chrome

However, it is possible to modify this and not use chrome on Android. For this, handling is very easy.

In this article, we explain how to change the default browser on your Android smartphone, but we you will also present different alternatives so that you can make your choice.

Thus, we will present the best browsers that we were able to test, on our Android smartphones. You will see that there are many alternatives to Chrome or Firefox currently on Android.

Here is how to change default browser on android.

How to use another default browser on Android smartphone

The procedure is very simple for choose another default browser on your phone. To do this, follow this little manipulation:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Open the tab Applications
  • From there you will see the option " Default applications", Open the
  • Choose from this menu, the default application you want to use to browse the internet on your phone

If, however, you don't have a lot of choice, and you want to find an alternative to Chrome, then here is an overview of many credible alternatives to that.

Now that you know how to change default browser on Android, here are other options available.

Choose another internet navigation application for Android smartphone

So here are some interesting alternatives for your phone, which have unique characteristics.

Brave: Private internet browser

Released in 2016, Brave offers many great features:

  • The application is fully free, without purchase no advertising in the app
  • It incorporates in its functionalities a ad blocker and cookies
  • Has HTTPS protocol, in other words security protocols to avoid malicious sites
  • Endowed optimizations to improve speed and battery life
  • Also has most of the basic features like bookmarks, history, extensions and private browsing (incognito mode)
  • Has a accessible history of all the items he will block
brave: default browser for a secure web

Duck Duck Go: another alternative for the private web

Duck Duck Go works on the same principles as Brave, presented above. The priority of its services is thus the private web, and data protection. Rated over 4.7 by 700 users, it presents itself as a very solid client in the highly competitive world of internet browsers.

It is obviously also totally free, and devoid of ads. To download it, just click on the image below.

duck duck go, protect your data on the web on android

Dolphin: The versatility of a web browser for Android

Dolphin is in the internet browser market for more than 10 years now. Having become a key player, he also has many case to assert.

  • Has one of the better browsing speed among the competitors
  • Possibility of configure your sound keys to browse the internet
  • Offers many " add-ons" , for better customize your Sailor
  • Optimized multi page function, so as not to get lost when different tabs are open simultaneously
dolphin: alternative to surf the web on android safely

Ecosia: Ecological alternative for responsible navigation

Ecosia is a browser different from what is offered on the market. It obviously has all the features you would expect from a web browser.

But where this one stands out is that 80% of the profits generated by this internet browser are directly donated for planète :

  • Ecosia is the browser planting trees
  • - earnings from online research are used to finance reforestation projects
  • One of the major projects from Ecosia is give back autonomy to communities around the world

In short, if you too want participate in this momentum of solidarity, for the planet, then use Ecosia, and contribute to this unprecedented outpouring of generosity.

ecosia: an eco responsible internet browser

Here are some credible alternatives to Firefox or Chrome on Android, it's up to you to test them and make your choice according to your preferences, all these alternatives are free.

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