How to change the lock screen on Android

With an ever-expanding internet and increasingly efficient cameras, it is becoming more and more interesting to want change lock screen from your phone. If you have recently had your smartphone, you have wallpaper the default photos that manufacturers offer with their phones. Some are sometimes pleasant but it is completely understandable to want change these to put beautiful photos more personal, to better appreciate the use of his phone.

The procedure is however very simple, so we will quickly explain here how to change lock screen on your Android smartphone in a few seconds.

How to change the lock screen on your smartphone

How to change the lock screen on Android

There are three techniques to to change your photos for your background lock screen either or from your desktop screen, which we will show you now.

The first technique, the fastest, but which will offer fewer options, and will not be available for lock screen but only the desktop wallpaper, is the following :

  • Press a few seconds on your écran elsewhere than on an application icon.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will see several choices, logically " Widgets"," Wallpaper"," Effects". Click on wallpaper.
  • Choose from the different choice of images that are offered to you.
  • This choice, as explained above, only concerns your desktop screen. For change your lock screen, refer to the second technique.

The second technique is to go to the settings of your smartphone. In these settings, you will find the " display“, Click on it. Once inside, go click on " wallpaper" page (in French).

In this menu, you will be able to search for images in the following four folders:

How to change the lock screen on Android
  • Wallpapers : this corresponds to the images pre-designed for this use, by your smartphone
  • Animated background : The same logic, but with animated backgrounds.
  • Gallery / Photos : this corresponds to your personal photos.

Then you simply have to select photo that suits you, then choose if you want to change your wallpaper on your lock screen, your desktop screen, or both.

The last solution is simply to go directly to the Photo gallery on your Android smartphone, then select the photo you want to choose as lock screen wallpaper. You will also be able to crop or resize your photo to match your phone screen.

Configure other background images

How to change the lock screen on Android

If you want to go further into the customizing your smartphone wallpaper, be aware that there are applications with a lot of content that might interest you. We've tested Zedge, one of the main application of smartphone customization, with lots of content, such as photos, wallpapers, music, etc. It offers many free services that are worth it.