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It is well known on Android, the personalization of your smartphone is very extensive. You have access to a whole range of configuration of your phone, depending on how you want to use it.

And among all these customization choices, you obviously have access to the choice of the font. Are you tired of seeing your messages or the ones you always receive in the same form? No worries there there are many different fonts.

The procedure differs a little depending on the brand of Android smartphone you own. We will try to keep it as general as possible, and also offer specific alternatives according to these brands.

So here is a guide for know how to change font on android smartphone.

How to use a different font for your Android smartphone

Here are the different techniques we have put together to help you change your phone's font. Use the one that works for your phone, and that will be most suitable.

Choose a different font directly from your display settings

On some smartphones, especially LG, Samsung, or HTC brand, this choice of font is possible directly from your settings. To do this, simply go to:

  • Parameters from your smartphone
  • Viewing
  • Change the font / Choice of font / Size and font

From there, you will have access to different font options. Choose what works best for you.

If this option is not available to you, don't panic, other options are available in order to change the font of your messages. Let's see how to do it.

Use a Play-store app to change your phone's font

If you don't have the possibility to change your font from your phone settings, it is possible to download an application from the Play-store.

There are many available, we have selected the ones that work best, and have the fewest ads. Here is our choice:

Fonts - Keyboard writing font

This free application is among the best rated from the Play-store. Free, ad-free, it has many different fonts that will suit many different styles.

We regret despite everything two small negative points, it lacks a spell checker, and also the possibility of switching to a QWERTY keyboard.

download link font application on android

Despite everything, this remains a very good choice. To download it, just click on the imagee, you will be redirected to the Play-store.

Font and character keyboard

Very good application also, it is rated approximately 4.5 / 5 by over 40 users. Cette application has many different fonts, but some will be chargeable. This is the small negative point of this application.

download link font application for your smartphone

Fonts - Change the font

Other very good alternative to the two applications presented above. Also has paid content, but most fonts are still free.

Fonts: android app download link to change font

To get it, simply click on the image to download it.

So here are some applications available for download To enable you to change your fonte. If these methods aren't right for you, or the apps aren't what you're looking for, here's for you yet another alternative.

It is possible to use different fonts using a different Launcher. What is the Launcher? Quite simply background application Which allows you to navigate your main menu, and use the different applications on your phone. It is therefore the basic element of your smartphone.

Install an alternative Launcher to enjoy many fonts on Android

As explained above, there are other Launchers that will allow you to take advantage of other fonts.

Caution : All of this Alternative launchers are paid most of the time. It is not possible to get a free Launcher, or it will usually be of average quality. Most of the most common Launchers are therefore paid, or partly offer paid content.

We have tried to find the best alternative for you, and selected for you a Free Launcher, without ads, which has many different fonts. Some are nevertheless paying.

To try it, it's here:

android launcher application to change font

Cliquez simply on the image to find its Play-store page, and so install it.

Once you've installed it, launch the setting. You will arrive on a page like this one in example :

Android smart launcher to change font

You have different options.

  • Different paid choices, according to your convenience
  • A choice free, if you click on the cross at the top right of your screen, as in the example

Logically the paid format offers more content, but you have access to a lot of options even in free mode. And he there are no advertisements.

Once all this is configured, here is how to change your font. You will have the opportunity to change the entire font of your smartphone.

Change the font on Smart Launcher

Here's how to modify on this Launcher:

  • On the Launcher just installed, keep pressed for a few seconds on your main menu
  • Un settings menu will appear as below
  • Click on overall appearance
  • From there you will see the tab " Fonts »Appear, open the
  • Simply choose the font that suits you best

So here is simply how to change fonts on your android smartphone, using a different Launcher.

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