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You write a lot of SMS with your Android smartphone and the default message app doesn't suit you. You should know that it is possible to change it.

Despite the development of alternative applications such as Messenger ou Whatsapp, SMS more classics still have a future. Since the arrival of unlimited text messaging planss, these are still widely used by Android users.

By default, Android provides a standard messaging application on its smartphones. Here's how to modify it, in order to install one that suits you best.

At first, we will offer you some interesting alternatives that you can use as main messaging application.

It's up to you to make your choice for the one that suits you best on your phone. In a second part, we will explain how to configure it and use it by default for your text messages.

Here's how to change the default SMS app on Android.

Choose an SMS application on the Play-store for your Android smartphone

Here are best applications that we were able to test in access on the Play-store for free.

Textra SMS - One of the best messaging apps

Here is one of the best apps, rated around 4.5 / 5 by users on the Play-store. You just have to download it to be able to enjoy it.

For it, click simply on this image :

textra sms, download android sms app

Free and without advertising, here are the main advantages of this application:

  • Thousands of 100 themes available and multiple colors of speech bubbles and icons
  • Dark mode, light mode and auto night mode
  • 6 bubble formats different
  • SMS & MMS sending programming

In summary, a large choice of tool customization, according to your preferences.

Pulse SMS - Almost 5 stars on the Play-store

This application is almost perfect, as indicated by the average rating of quasi 5 / 5 among more than 58 users!

pulse sms, top android phone message app to replace the default android SMS app

Also highly customizable, this SMS app also free and ad-free, offers a design a little more modern and futuristic.

One of the main advantages of this application is the synchronization of your Pulse account on different media. So you can check your mailbox and answer a SMS on your Android smartphone, a tablet, or your computer via a web page.

You also have the option of protect certain conversations with passwords, thus ensuring greater confidentiality.

Chomp SMS - Another alternative to text messages on Android

download android SMS chomp to change default SMS app on android

Here is a last recommendation app also highly rated on the Play-store. Also very practical for personalizing your SMS application, Chomp has many advantages.

This application has a little publicity, which supports developers. You can completely withdraw it by paying the application as a one-time purchase.

So here are the main messaging apps on Android. It is up to you to make your choice.

Now we will explain to you just how to set an application by default to be the main SMS application.

Choose the default text app on your Android smartphone

To determine which default application manages your SMS, it's very simple :

  • Open your smartphone settings
  • In the search bar, type " applications« 
  • Open the " Default applications« 
  • Click on " SMS apps« 

Choose your default SMS application. Note that you can thus use the Facebook Messenger application to centralize your Facebook and SMS messages.

choice of default sms applications Android smartphone

Use Facebook Messenger as the default SMS application

As you can see, Facebook, through its Messenger application, allows you to centralize all your messages in one place.

So you no longer need to have two apps, everything is in one place. This can be useful to avoid having too many overlapping apps when it's the same use.

So here is how to configure a new application for your SMS. To go further in the message setting on Android, here are other articles: