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Among the many customizable tools on your Android smartphone, date and time are also information that you can change.

Thus, you have a certain freedom of action with regard to the date and time format. This allows you to configure them as you wish.

In this article, we explain to you how to change the date and time format of your android smartphone. We will see that there are several ways to do this, and even the possibility of download tools for even more customization.

Different date and time format customization options on Android smartphone

Even without downloading anything, it is possible to modify some parameters on your smartphone in order to change date and time format. For that, it's very simple.

How to change the date and time format of your Android smartphone

First, you have to configure in your settings how the date and time will be displayed. To do this, you just have to follow the following little manipulation:

  • Go to settings from your smartphone
  • In the search bar, type " data" , or " date and hour« 
  • Open the option menu " date and hour« 

Here, you shown in the image below, you have access to some settings options

  • 24H format : Allows you to set a clock up to 12h or 24h
  • Double clock : As soon as you go on a trip, in an area with a different time zone, you can automatically have the time of this place, in addition to the time of your city of residence

These settings are the first thing to do. Once that's done, here's the rest.

Add a widget to configure a new clock on Android

Among your widgets, you necessarily have a specific tool for date and time. You will have the choice between different formats. To access it, it's very simple:

  • Stay press for a few seconds on your main menu, on a space free of any application
  • When the menu at the bottom of your screen appears, press " widgets« 
  • In the different widgets, click on clock, you will see the next menu below
android date and time widgets

Choose the format that suits you. You have the choice between digital time or clock. The data, which will be just below, will be in the classic format day month.

Here are the different methods you can use using only what is already installed on your smartphone. Obviously, the personalization don't stop there. It is possible to go further by downloading additional tools.

We present this to you in a second part.

Customize your Android smartphone with new time and date formats to download

Here are new tools available on the Play-store, which we tested on our phones. We searched among the top rated tools, which also seemed to us the most effective.

Digital Clock Widget - A sober and efficient digital format

This widget, available for free on the Play-store, is simple and efficient. Possibility of customize by writing format, and the images in the background, this tool is very practical.

You will have the opportunity to resize widget in order to adapt it to your needs. Also allows you to synchronize and view your alarms. This makes it a good background to main page tool, with a lot of important information to display.

Large digital clock - A more gadget design

This clock looks a lot more like a robotic, modern gadget. In a very different style, it fulfills its role completely simple display of date and time.

Will probably suit people with a taste for the modern and a little more flashy. Also allows you view your alarms.

Weather and clock - more versatility

This more classic widget can also display the weather forecast in real time, depending on the configured city. Very easy to use, it will also suit a large number of users.

Note all the same an operation with a small subscription, to cover the real-time weather charges. Small detail that could block some.

Here are various tools available on the Play-store in order to personalize your Android smartphone. So you can choose the date and time display mode, and even display the weather forecast. Choose the tool that suits you best. We offer 3 different here, but know that there are dozens of them on the Play-store, so you are free to go further in the research.

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