Logo caster screen android phone on television

More and more telephones have viewing tools, whether Netflix, YouTube or other, which it is interesting to take advantage of on big screen.

Today it has become child's play to " caster » the screen of his phone on a television. Caster is the English term that we have appropriated to say " broadcast". When we caste its screen, it is broadcast on another device.

Today, the objective of this article is to introduce you to all the methods in order to be able to cast content from your Android smartphone to your television.

We will thus discover many different techniques, depending on the material you have available.

In order to simplify the writing of this article, we have divided this into two main paragraphs:

  • Cordless techniques
  • With cable

How to share screen from Android sound to TV via cable

Here are the different techniques that we have gathered, if you arrange de cable.

Share your Android screen by HDMI cable

One of the easiest solutions to implement, and the least expensive. You should logically have a HDMI cable at home. You only need a Micro Port HDMI adapter to connect the TV cable to your phone.

Indeed, the cables are not compatible with phones. For less than 10 € you can buy this adapter, and link your Android smartphone to your TV.

- For less than 10 € you have a flawless connection
- No loss of network, or incompatibility problem
- Requires to have the phone plugged in, and a cable that crosses the living room
- Phone battery wears out faster

Share your smartphone screen by Slimport Cable

It is the same operation as for the HDMI cable, with a different cable. You just have to get a slimport adapter in order to be able to broadcast the screen of your phone on TV.

- Simple and quick to set up
- Less battery intensive for the phone
- A little more expensive than the HDMI cable
- Also need a cable crossing the living room

These methods, which are quick to set up, still require use a cable to connect peripherals between them. In an age where everything works remotely and wirelessly, you might think this is outdated. We will note all the same the reliability of these methods, whose connection will be strong as long as the cable is kept in good condition.

If you still want to opt for the technology and wireless, let's see what are your alternatives to cast your phone screen on the TV.

How to cast your phone screen on TV without using a cable

In this paragraph we will discuss all the methods involving not using a cable in order to have a remote connection.

Connect your phone to TV by DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)

The principle operation du DLNA is very simple. Developed by a group of telephony companies, the goal was to create a connected world that is compatible regardless of your brand.

Related to your Internet connection, everything that is connected to your box is therefore part of the DLNA, and is therefore interconnected. It is therefore possible to broadcast content from one screen to another device on this network.

The only condition is that the phone and TV are both compatible with DLNA technology. So you need to inquire about your television, you can see the DLNA logo on the carton, or type it reference on the internet.

There are then applications on the Play-store to configure DLNA on your phone, and thus connect the two devices.

- Inexpensive if your equipment is compatible
- Easy to put in place
- Not all electronic devices are compatible

To operate your Chromecast key, it suffices above all that your two devices are connected to the WiFi of the house. Then you need to download the application " G »On the Play-store of your smartphone.

Use the Google Chromecast key to cast your phone screen

This feature is sometimes already built into your television. If so, you won't need anything to broadcast your screen. To find out, your TV and telephone are both connected to the WiFi of the house.

Then launch the app you want to cast. If you see, as in this example, the screen broadcast logo, then you can directly send the picture on the telly.

caster youtube from your smartphone on the TV in chromecast

However, if the logo does not appear, or you already know that your TV is not compatible, you will then need to obtain a Chromecast key. Around 40 €, it will allow your phone to communicate with the TV.

- Very easy and quick to set up if the TV has Chromecast built-in
- Within seconds, you can stream your phone's sound and picture to TV
- If the TV does not have the Chromecast, it will cost around 40 €
- Connection problems can happen. You may not have access to the broadcast button when you have all your devices connected.

Miracast technology and direct WiFi for smartphone screen sharing

Miracast is probably less known than the chromecast, but yet present already before the arrival of the Chromecast. Working exactly like an HDMI cable, but without the cable, Miracast allows by Wifi Direct to connect your two devices.

If you don't know what the Wi-Fi Direct, neither how use itr, it's here:


It is therefore essential that your two peripherals are compatible with Miracast. There is a good chance that this will be the case if they are dated after 2015. To be sure, check this page, to find your television :

Check if my devices are compatible with Miracast

To find out if your phone is compatible, go to settings, then

  • Go to " settings »From your Android smartphone
  • Click on " the movie projection« 
  • You will see the tab appear "Wireless projection", open it
project your phone screen on the TV in direct wifi

From there you can perform a device search, and so connect to your television to cast your screen.

- If your devices are compatible, it takes a few seconds to broadcast the content of the screen
- Works in direct Wifi, therefore does not depend on the connection of the box. Much more stable than a Chromecast
- If your peripherals are not compatible, you will have to pay around 60 € to buy an adapter
- Uses the principle of "mirror screen sharing". This means that you cannot use your phone during the broadcast.

Here is the end of this tutorial to know how to cast your phone screen on the TV. As we have presented to you in this article, the display techniques are diverse, it's up to you to find what best fits your use depending on your organization, and your budget.

The most important thing is to have compatible hardware. So be careful while shopping. If you want to dig deeper into connections with Android, here are some articles: