If you spend time on the internet on your Android smartphone then you are regularly faced with advertisements of all kinds which can sometimes be very disturbing.

Note that in general these are the only means of remuneration from certain websites, especially for us Androidphone editors. If you consider this to be too disturbing for you, deactivate them. But if you leave them active, it supports us financially and we thank you!

The objective of this article, therefore, is to help you configure tools that will allow you to block ads on your Android smartphone.

Use Chrome to block ads on Android phones

If you use the Google Chrome internet browser, know that it is very simple to block ads on your phone.
Indeed, since 2018 Google has incorporated its own features to limit advertisements. To do this, just follow this little manipulation:

  • Launch it Chrome internet browser
  • On any page, tap the 3 small dots at the top right of your screen
  • Open them settings
  • In the settings, open the site settings
  • You will see the two tabs that represent the options that interest you
  • Pop up and redirect
  • Real estate ads
  • Check them for block as many ads as possible on your Android smartphone

Use Chrome Simplified Mode to Block Ads on Android Phones

There is a mode on your Chrome browser called Simplified mode, which makes it possible to limit the loading of pages and therefore to increase the speed of navigation. You will therefore have the opportunity to limit advertisements which are displayed but it is still possible that some ads are not blocked.

Use an app to block ads on Android smartphones

If you do not use Chrome to browse the internet, then it is possible to download an application that will allow you to block ads on your phone.

To use this application, you must download it in APK format on your PC and then transfer it to your PC. If you do not know how to download an APK file, follow this link to an article which will explain the procedure in detail.

How to install an APK file on Android

Here are the main advantages of this application:

  • You can block all ads which could be displayed, whether by pop up, video… etc
  • You can configure a filter to determine what is displayed on your phone
  • You improve the speed of your traffic that fewer ads load on your phone, and also save data connections

Use Google settings to limit ads on Android

Also be aware that it is possible to set up your phone to block personalized ads (Based on The legal basis for the processing is our legitimate interest to promote our products and services.). You should know that when you browse the internet, tracers are used to identify your centers of interest so that you can subsequently target the advertisements that will be displayed on your phone.

It is therefore possible to block this thanks to a small manipulation:

  • Go to Parameters from your phone
  • Open the tab Google
  • Go to Parameters
  • Open the tab Real estate ads
  • Press deactivate ad customization