adjust your steps on a fitbit watch and bracelet

With your Fitbit bracelet or watch, you have the possibility to record a wide variety of indicators related to your activity. Indeed, beyond the simple count of daily steps, you can enter more details in the data:

Calculate the number of steps during the day, or the distance traveled, number of floors mounted, Calories burned... etc.

In order to be able to access all this data, you should first synchronize your Fitbit with a smartphone or tablet, in order to use the Fitbit application. This records and stores all the data relating to your activity.

This is where you can consult all the indicators mentioned above.

This is possible across the entire Fitbit range: Ionic, Versa, Charge.

Note that on Fitbit Blaze, Alpha, Flex and Inspire, there is no reporting of floors mounted. You can only count steps, active hours, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Once you have synced your Fitbit to an electronic device, all your activities will therefore be recorded. If you find that the steps are incorrectly set, and do not correspond precisely to reality, then it is possible to configure more precisely.

So you can adjust your stride size, so that your steps are representative of reality.

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so here's how to set steps on fitbit.

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How to adjust your stride on a Fitbit bracelet or watch

By default, the size of your stride is determined by your height. When you download the Fitbit app on your smartphone or tablet, you must save your personal data.

Fitbit therefore has a theoretical calculation for determine the size of your steps. However, this is still an approximate calculation, which is not always very precise.

To correct this, and use a stride length more representative of your movements, here's how:

  • Open the Fitbit app on smartphone ou tablet
  • From the options available below, select " Activity and well-being« 
  • Then click on " physical activity« 
  • Then set your stride length, as shown below

Once this is done, you will therefore obtain more precise information about your steps.

La method of calculating your steps on Fitbit devices is simple and precise (provided that the stride is precise):

Distance traveled = Pitch X Stride length

If you realize different activities during the day, you can then record the specific activity, so that your Fitbit watch or bracelet records with more precision and dissociate movement from simple steps.

If you have some problems with the step counter, or you find that it has not not reset to 0 at the start of a new day, we advise you to consult our article about it :


You now know how to set steps on fitbit. Now you will see how to record new activity on your Fitbit watch or bracelet.

How to record new activity on Fitbit

In order to record a special activity to dissociate it from the standard step, just follow this little one manipulation :

  • Open your application Fitbit
  • Click on the " Today« 
  • Then press the " Exercise« 

From there you will be able to add, or modify an activity. This will provide more precise information on your daily activity, and so dissociate simple steps from a specific activity.

It will then be easier and more precise to debrief on your daily activities.

So here is a small tutorial on changing your stride, to save with more precision your not throughout the day. It is also possible to dissociate a specific activity from your steps.

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