This little tweak, as simple as it looks, can sometimes not be very practical on Android. Adjust the brightness on your phone is a parameter easily accessible, but some phones don't have a lot of settings on this.

In this article we will quickly explain how to adjust the brightness of your screen on Android smartphone, then in a second step, we will present you some very practical applications. This will give you a little more freedom to brightness configuration and types of lights emitted by your screen.

You will thus discover that it is possible adjust the brightness automatically according to the light in the room where you stand.

In addition, there are applications in order to preserve the eyes from excess harmful light. You will thus discover an application that will change the way the screen diffuses rays of light, for a better reading comfort, and so for example limit the impact of screens on sleep.

Here is everything you need to know about brightness settings, other additional options, and all screen settings available through applications.

How to adjust the brightness intensity directly on Android shortcuts

You probably already know, you have access to brightness adjustment directly from shortcuts of your phone. To access this, just use a finger to scroll down this shortcut menu.

how to adjust brightness on android smartphone

When your different options appear, just vary the slider by brightness from left to right to to adjust the intensity.

It is the same operation on any Android device. However, it is possible that the minimum brightness from your phone is always too high for you at night.

There are therefore applications allowing lower the minimum brightness a little further, in order to reduce the impact on our eyes.

Use an app to reduce brightness on Android screen

This application is available for free on the Play-store by clicking on the following image:

You will be able to lower the brightness to an acceptable level for the night, so as not to damage your eyes.

  • In addition, this application also has the option " automatic adjustment". This allows to Automatically adjust the brightness of your screen according to the environment.

So you don't even have to touch the settings when you move to another room or turn off the light.

This free application has a paid version, for which you have even more features.

Be aware that there are also applications to adjust the lights emanating from your screen. This allows you to protect your eyes as much as possible during a prolonged exposure.

Application to adjust the projection of lights and protect the eyes on Android

You may already know, but some lights that emanate from your phone screen are more harmful for your eyes than others.

There are applications for this that apply special filters, thus limiting the projection of these lights. Here is one of the best app for that:

With this application you will be able to adjust brightness of the screen. You can also adjust types of lights which are filtered or not, thus favoring the eye rest, and therefore the sleep.

This app is perfect for those who spend some time on their phone before going to bed, at a time when the surrounding light is non-existent.

So here is a tutorial for adjust brightness on Android smartphone, and modify alls settings related to the light of your screen. For more tutorials on your screen, here are some links that may interest you: