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In recent years, some Android smartphones have fingerprint recognition functionality. This tool is a powerful ally in strengthening data security. Indeed, thanks to this, it becomes almost impossible to use your smartphone or the applications protected by fingerprints.

Being totally unique and specific to each of us, it is impossible for a third person to bypass this security without you being physically there.

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It also allows save time when unlocking, you just have to place your finger in the appropriate place.

It is even possible to configure multiple fingerprints, in order to unlock with both hands, but also from some of your relatives, so that you do not have to unlock yourself if there are several of you using a device.

Here is a tutorial to explain how to add or remove fingerprint on your android smartphone.

Configure your fingerprint as unlocking your Android smartphone

We will see here how to use your finger to access your phone, without having to use a code. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Go to your phone settings
  • In the search bar at the top of your screen, type " fingerprint management« 
  • Open the menu " Fingerprint management« 
  • The menu below will open, simply click on " New fingerprint« 
set new fingerprint android phone

From there, follow the wizard of fingerprint configuration. Choose the finger you want to use to unlock your phone, et place it on your phone's sensor meant for that purpose.

You should see a page of this type :

configure new android fingerprint

Once that's done, you can configure what this fingerprint will have access to:

  • Unlock your safe
  • Answer calls
  • Stop the alarm
  • Unlock your apps

So here's how to register a fingerprint. As indicated, several can be active at the same time. For the use on apps, you must first activate this option as indicated above.

Use your fingerprint for an application on Android

When you want use this for risky applications, such as banking applications, it is very easy.

IF you have followed the steps above, you simply have to launch the application you want to configure with your fingerprint.

This is very convenient because you save time, a few seconds are enough, and moreover, no need to memorize your bank codes, which are often complicated and cannot be changed.

For banking applications, very often, it is regulated in this way:

  • Settings
  • biometrics
  • Set up a fingerprint

Contact your bank advisor if however this option was not available.

How to delete a fingerprint on Android smartphone

If you have configured fingerprints you want to delete, it is very simple. Here's how to do it:

  • When you are on the fingerprint management menu as below
  • Click on fingerprint that you want to delete
  • You can then reappoint, Or Supprimer
delete android fingerprint

So here are all the manipulations you can perform to add, configure or delete a fingerprint.

Keep in mind that it will always be possible use a code to bypass this option, if it ever did not work (or if you lose your finger, you never know).

Fingerprint issue: Finger not recognized

If, however, you could no longer manage identify with your finger, for various reasons: bug, injured finger, etc., as explained above, it is possible to use a code or a diagram. From there you can enter the management menu indicated above, to re configure your fingerprint and update it.

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