voice typing logo on android keyboard

Technology evolves quickly, and allows us to simplify our lives. More and more we are seeing voice assistants on our Android phone. You just have to use voice to control your smartphone.

This can come in handy when you are busy doing other things, or just because your hands are full.

Voice command can therefore also be used to write a text message. So you no longer have to write by hand, simply dictate orally what you want to write in the message.

In this article we will explain how to activate keyboard voice input on your Android smartphone.

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Download Gboard keyboard for voice input

Beforehand, it is preferable to download google Gboard keyboard to use voice input. This will allow you to more easily dictate your voice messages.

Simply click on the image below to download the application from the Play-store :

android gboard keyboard download link

Different voice input methods to create a message

It exists two different ways to voice record a message and send it by text. The first method, which can be done directly by voice, without even opening an application, is with Google Assistant.

The second method as for it, requires to use more physical buttons, and requires to be already on the application of messages.

We explain the two methods in this article, so that you choose the most convenient for you.

Activate and send a message by voice typing on the Android keyboard

In order to be able to use the voice input when writing your messages, you must first activate it in your settings. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to settings from your smartphone
  • In the search bar at the top of your screen, type " languages ​​and input« 
  • A partir de là, check Google voice typing at the bottom of your screen

This is the first step in gaining access to the voice input for record your messages orally. Now that you've enabled it, two options open to you so use voice command.

Create a message using voice input

As soon as voice input is activated, the rest is very simple. Here is the procedure for recording your message orally and sending it in writing:

  • Open your messaging app (here in test, classic Android message application)
  • As shown below, press and hold the small logo in the shape of a microphone
  • At the end of a few seconds, voice input is activated. Then start talking while remaining supported
  • Release your finger from the button when you have terminé
  • You can listen to the message before sending it
  • Click on send when you have saved good message

Here is the method of classic voice typing. There is a second possibility, which gives you even more freedom and less need to touch your phone. This is done by the Google Assistant.

Use the Google Assistant to compose the message

If you want to use almost only voice to command the sending of a message, this is possible with the Google Assistant tool. We explain how to activate it, and how to send a message.

Activate Google Assistant on your Android smartphone

This very practical method will allow you to send a message directly from your main menu. You don't even need to open an email tool.

For activate Google Assistant, here are the steps:

  • To start, hold down the central button from your phone for a few seconds
  • When the Google Assistant appears, press the small navigation button on the right, as shown in the example
  • On the explore menu, tap on your Google profile picture, at the top right of your phone screen
  • Among the options, open Settings
  • When you are in the settings your Google account, open the assistant tab as shown in the photo below
  • In the Google Assistant, select your phone at the bottom of the page
  • Finally, activate the Google Assistant by pressing the blue slide button

Once this is done, you can ask Google Assistant at any time to write a message for you, by simply controlling your voice.

Send a message directly with Google Assistant

Here is an example of what is possible, in pictures:

  • Say out loud and clear " O«, To activate voice input
  • Then say, " Send message :
  • Choose the recipient. In our example, the recipient is a profile created on behalf of TESTS
  • Dictate your message. Then say "Send" or "Edit" to dictate again
  • For final order say send, or cancel

Here is the manipulation directly from the main menu of our phone. Note that you can use punctuation in your texts, you just have to say the desired punctuation out loud:

  • Point
  • Comma
  • Exclamation point
  • Interrogation point
  • New line
  • New paragraph