google ok logo on android smartphone

Ok Google voice assistant has taken a prominent place in smartphone tools. This allows you, with a simple sentence such as " Ok Google“, Activate the voice recognition tool and ask it almost anything afterwards.

Whether it is weather forecasts, the GPS direction, or what films are showing in such cinema, this one aims to help you as best as possible by a simple voice command from you.

It is also of great help when you are behind the wheel.. Send an important message quickly, or look for another address in order to orient yourself without risk.

There are many advantages of Ok Google voice assistant. So we will see in this article how to activate it on your android smartphone.

We will also see in a second part how does it work, by trying to analyze in more detail the cogs and mechanisms of the software behind this language assistant.

Activation of Ok Google on Android smartphone

  • Hold down the central button of your smartphone for a few seconds to launch the voice recognition tool
  • When the Google Assistant appears, press the small navigation symbol at the bottom right, as explained below on the first image
  • On the explore menu, tap your google profile picture, to display the different options
  • Among the options, open Settings from your Google account
  • You are now in your Google Account settings. From there, open the assistant tab as shown in the photo example below
  • In the Google Assistant, scroll down to the tab: Devices used, and press the option Phone
  • In the last step, simply activate the Google Assistant by pressing the blue slide button

How Ok Google works on our phone

More and more present in recent years, and more and more effective, however, we do not yet really know how it works.
From the moment you activate it, the voice recognition software is triggered by analyzing sounds and performing tasks based on information that is transmitted by your voice.

Whether it's for you talk about sports news, tell you the time in the USA, or even set a timer, speech recognition works by associating with complex natural language processing (NLP) systems, so that they can understand not only what you are saying but also what you actually mean and try to put themselves in your shoes to best target your needs.

Word analysis and comparison to a database

As soon as you speak, the voice signal is picked up by the software, then is divided into phonemes, the smallest distinctive unit that distinguishes words from others.

The program then matches these segments to a database of known phonemes in the configured language.

The rest is the most complex part, Google assistant tries to analyze what you say, trying to understand the context. They are therefore not simple words compared to a huge library, but words specifically chosen in a very precise context.

Google Assistant therefore listens to what you say, understands what you want to achieve through artificial intelligence, and then tries to do what you want her to do. as precise as possible.

And that is the challenge, put yourself in your shoes in order to understand your wishes as well as possible, because let us not forget, it is a machine in front of us.

so here's how Ok Google works on your Android smartphone, and how to activate it on your phone. If you want to go further in voice command tools, and for example dictate your text messages by voice, here is a tutorial for that:


This will allow you to activate voice recognition in a few seconds to quickly write messages.