huawei band gps problem

You use your Huawei band bracelet to go for a run, and this is very practical because it gives you a precise idea of ​​the km traveled, thanks to the GPS function. This eliminates the need to carry your smartphone, which is bulky.

But recently you realized that the GPS no longer worked correctly. The distances announced are not precise, inconsistent, or else the GPS just doesn't work at all.

In this article, we will provide you with as many answers as possible to help you correct this GPS problem on your Huawei Band. The objective is to explain to you where the fault could come from, and how to solve it.

Here is what to do in the event of a GPS problem with a Huawei Band.

How a GPS works on a Huawei Band bracelet

As a first step, it is important to understand how a GPS works, in order to better identify the potential failure.

The GPS of your Huawei Band, otherwise called " Global Positioning System", Estimate your precise position by means of a triangulation system.

In other words, at least 3 satellites located more than 20km above our heads emit signals, and expect a reply de your GPS. The response time gives an idea of ​​the location because the speed of the signal is known.

For a precise estimate of the location of your bracelet, several satellites cross their data, in order to have only one possibility of location.

It is therefore a data exchange between satellites around you, and your Huawei Band.

As you move, the travel times of the different signals therefore vary. It is this information that allows to estimate your displacement.

To learn more about GPS and how they work, it's here.

This principle is the mode of standard operation of a GPS on our planet. Unfortunately, sometimes this signal no longer works correctly.

Here are the main causes that could disrupt your GPS signal, on your Huawei Band.

Different causes of GPS signal problem on Huawei Band bracelet

In order to resolve this concern de GPS, it is important first analyze with precision the origin of the problem. This will allow you to have a diagnosis of the situation, and thus implement corrective measures on your equipment, if possible.

GPS location and weather conditions

At first glance, you might think that the weather influences your GPS a lot. And contrary to popular belief, This is not the case.

In most of the cases, the weather has very little impact on the location of your Huawei Band. The only conditions that could potentially impact the GPS signal are torrential rains, or a very heavy snowfall. These are the only elements that could interfere with the signals of the satellites, but even still that, the impact is limited.

So if you think that it is the wind or the rain that is preventing you from using your GPS, this is not the case. But speaking of the environment, let's see now that your location and your surroundings may interfere with the GPS signal.

May your surroundings interfere with the GPS signal

First thing to worry about when the GPS is inaccurate on your Huawei Band, watch your surroundings. As explained above, this GPS signal is sent by satellites, and can therefore be reduced by a specific landscape:

  • You do your jogging in town, close to tall buildings
  • You are in the forest and the vegetation is very dense
  • You will run in a place surrounded by mountains or hills

You got it, the topography de environment may disturb the GPS signal, when simply, solid elements get between you and the satellites in the sky.

If this is your case, and you identify with the explanations above, then it is possible that this is influencing your GPS signal. Even if it is not necessarily easy to set up, it is recommended to run in a more open area, in order to optimize the GPS signal.

If this doesn't concern you at all, let's see the others causes that prevent a GPS from working on a Huawei Band.

How to fix GPS signal issues on a Huawei Band bracelet

Here are the different tips or manipulations to put in place to help you find a stronger and more precise GPS signal.

First of all, make sure you have enough battery on it. Since GPS is a battery-hungry function, if you are low battery, GPS will malfunction.

Wear your Huawei Band bracelet with the dial facing up

A small detail which may seem trivial but which can have an impact. try keep your Huawei Band bracelet the right way around on your wrist, in a way to optimize your GPS signal.

Restart or reset your Huawei Band bracelet

Sometimes restarting or resetting your device would give it a better start. This will not affect your personal data, only the settings saved on the bracelet. If you wish to do so, follow this manipulation:

The procedure is very simple:

  • Swipe your screen until you find the " More« 
  • Enter it, then look for the option " systems« 
  • You will see in this menu, the tab " switch off" , or " reset " make your choice

To restart your Huawei bracelet, simply plug it into its charger. Maybe this fixed the GPS issue, otherwise try this:

Activate location services on your Huawei Band

GPS recording during one of your activities is optional on some Huawei Band models.

So, if it is not activated, it is normal for the GPS not to work.

To take advantage of it, here's how:

  • Open your bracelet settings
  • Navigate to the "Me" tab, if available
  • Activate the option " activity monitoring« 

Update your Huawei Band bracelet

it is important that your bracelet is up to date with the latest brand patches. So, through the Huawei Health app, you can update your device.

To do this, launch the app on your phone. Your two devices must first be synchronized. If you are unable to do so, follow this guide to help:


When you have synchronized the two devices, update your bracelet on the Huawei Health app.

Here are the various tips to put in place to allow your Huawei Band bracelet to get the best GPS signal. If despite all these tips, nothing works, then maybe the problem is elsewhere.

To contact the Huawei customer service and request a repair, it's here:

Huawei Customer Service