Probably the most famous social networking application, Facebook, is widely used on computers and smartphones. And on smartphones, it may happen that you have some download issues.

You may not be able to not download the app, or for example that you cannot download the app update for example.

We will see in this article analyzes all the problems of downloading the Facebook application on Android smartphone, as well as all the possible solutions to solve these problems.

Different problems downloading the Facebook application

Here are the various problems related to the download of the application that we have identified.

  • Unable to download the app
  • Application downloads too slowly
  • Unable to download app updates

Solutions to problems downloading the Facebook application on Android

Solutions to problems downloading the Facebook application on Android

Here are the different solutions that we have found in order to solve your problems downloading Facebook to your phone.

Uninstall Facebook then reinstall the app

If the app is already installed, try uninstalling and then reinstalling it, to see if your download issues are resolved. To do this, just keep pressed on the application logo on your menu for a few seconds, then drag the logo to the “uninstall” tab that appears at the top of your phone screen.

Otherwise, if it doesn't work, go on.

Check your internet connection

This may seem trivial, but it is often the cause of many download problems. Make sure you have a sufficient internet connection in order to download the Facebook application.

If you are in 4G, make sure you are in a location that receives enough, and try not to move.

If you are on WiFi, make sure you are close enough to the box to get a good signal.

If you are on a public network (train station, café, airport…) make sure you have passed through the various connection portals and also to have the necessary rights. There are, for example, countries where there is some censorship. Facebook is not allowed in China for example. You'll need have a VPN in order to be able to enjoy the application as in France.

Check your storage capacity

In order for the download to complete, your sufficient storage capacity. To check this, go to your phone's settings, then storage.
Ideally, choose SD memory card by default on your phone to install the applications.

Make sure you have a version of Android that allows you to download Facebook updates

Make sure you have a version of Android that allows you to install Facebook updates

When you buy a phone, it has certain capabilities that can spin some versions of Android, but there will come a time when you will no longer be able to install new versions of Android that come out because they are more greedy. And unfortunately, the application updates are not compatible with all versions of Android, because they follow the evolution of this one.

So it means that if at some point your version of Android can no longer be updated, then in this case you will not will no longer be able to download updates from the Facebook application.

To solve this problem, there are two solutions:

Solution N ° 1 : Download an old version of Facebook which remains compatible with your version of Android.

For this, go to this site, you have access to all the old versions of the Facebook application for Android.

Download an old version of Facebook

This procedure will be performed on PC, and then you will have to transfer the file to your smartphone. We explain the whole procedure in detail in this article if you have any doubts.

How to install an APK file on Android smartphone

Solution N ° 2 : Install another version of Android by "rooting" your smartphone. This procedure allows you to circumvent the limitations imposed by manufacturers, and therefore install any version of Android, which will be compatible with the Facebook version of your choice.

For the procedure, we explain everything to you here:

How to install another version of Android on your smartphone