connection problems with your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

You use a connected watch from Samsung in order to control your physical activity daily, and save all this data on your phone or computer. However, in order to analyze these data, it is therefore necessary that the connection with your smartphone or PC is established.

Other, cannot sync that. And today you have a connection problem with your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

What to do in this case ? We'll help you fix that in this article. Here is help for solve connection problems with your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

First of all, if you have a ignition problem of your Samsung watch, consult this article first, which will be more suited to your needs:


Connect your Samsung Galaxy Watch: what to do

Here are the essential prerequisites for the proper functioning of the connection, and synchronization between your devices. Follow these steps to make sure that you have everything you need to ensure a good connection.

Here are some tips for synchronization works correctly:

  • Make sure you have Internet on your phone or tablet, by Wi-Fi ou mobile data.
  • Make sure you have enough battery on each tool. A lack of battery would place your devices in energy saving, and thus limit the connections in order to preserve the battery.
  • If you are using Bluetooth, make sure devices are nearby. The Bluetooth range is limited. Also, try to limit Bluetooth devices around, in order to limit interference.

If these prerequisites are validated, let's see now what you can check in order to troubleshoot your watch connection issues.

Your devices need to be updated

It is important that all tools used be up to date. We are talking here about:

  • Phone or tablet, depending on what you use
  • Your Galaxy Wearable app must be up to date

If you have any doubts about update an application on an Android smartphone, follow this article:


It goes so facilitate connection between devices. When tools are not up to date, compatibility issues may appear. Keep an eye on the versions used.

Cannot connect my Samsung Galaxy Watch: what to do

If, despite the precautions taken a little earlier in the article, you still cannot connect your watch, here are other solutions to resolve the problem.

Restart your Samsung Watch and your smartphone

Very often, restart a device allows solve a large number of problème. And when you have a synchronization problem, it can also be very useful.

So restart your phone, as well as your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

To restart it, just press the bottom right button, a few seconds, until you see the message " switch off »Appear. Then press it.

To restart the watch, it's the same procedure.

Forget Bluetooth pairing in order to sync your Samsung Galaxy Watch again

When a connection problem occurs between two devices, one of the best solutions is to reset the connection. How to do this ? By “forgetting” the pre-recorded connection between these tools.

This will reinitialize the link that binds them, and thus potentially renew a faulty connection.

To do this, remove your Samsung Galaxy Watch from the paired devices in your phone this way :

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Open the Bluetooth
  • From there, navigate to devices Related, or matched
  • Select your samsung galaxy watch
  • Press forget, or dissociate

From there you have to again pair the two devices, like you did the first time.

Chances are, this will solve your problem, and allow you to communicate your two tools. If not, let's continue our search for the problem.

Limit other nearby bluetooth devices when syncing

This is a condition mentioned a bit earlier in the introduction, but really make sure you don't have other Bluetooth tools available when pairing.

So isolate the two devices you want to synchronize, so optimize the only Bluetooth connection that interests you here.

Reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch

If nothing has worked yet, then maybe a resetting the watch will help restart the connection.

Caution : This procedure can cause data loss. Take the time to read this guide in order to perform this manipulation carefully:


A partir de là, restart the connection procedure via Bluetooth on your devices.

Uninstall and reinstall the Samsung Wearable app on your smartphone

La synchronization of the two devices is done through the app. It is this which allows an association between your two peripherals. It is therefore possible that it is the cause of connection problems between the two tools.

To remove it, take your phone, then on the main menu, let your finger press for a few seconds on the logo of the Samsung Wearable app.

You will see the option " désinstaller Appear, tap it.

If that doesn't work, or you are in doubt, here is some help for Android smartphones:


Here is all our help to solve the problems of connecting your Samsung Galaxy watch with another device. If, however, nothing helps, and the connection is still impossible, then try to contact Samsung customer service, at this link:

Samsung support