Present for more than 5 years in France, the technology chromecast developed by Google allows broadcast the content of one of your devices such as a smartphone, tablet, etc. on your television. Very handy when you want to share content owned on your phone easily.

To do this, simply connect the Chromecast device to the HDMI socket on your TV, and connect your smartphone via WiFi to this Chromecast socket.

However despite the ease of use, it sometimes happens that the Chromecast used with an Android smartphone does not work properly.

Different Chromecast Problems on Android Smartphone

In this paragraph we are going to list all the problems you may encounter while using Chromecast on Android smartphone.

  • Unable to connect your Chromecast on your TV

You have connected your Chromecast tool to your TV, but nothing happens, the connection with your Android smartphone is not done.

  • Video that does not start

You have successfully connect your Chromecast to connect your phone to your TV, but the video does not start. You are simply blocked from sharing the screen of your Android smartphone.

  • Video that works myl

The video is launched, works, but very slowly, and hatched. Which makes reading almost impossible.

Solutions to fix Chromecast issues on Android smartphone

Solutions to fix Chromecast issues on Android smartphone

Here are the different solutions we have put together to help you solve your Chromecast problems on Android smartphone.

Change the USB socket for connecting the Chromecast

Most current televisions have a USB socket located on the back. If this is very theoretically practical, unfortunately there are many brands or models that have poor quality USB sockets. And this has the consequences of delivering current in a non-homogeneous manner. If your Chromecast box is connected to the USB socket on your TV and you are having problems, consider changing the charger. A computer USB socket or a conventional charger will do the trick.

Restart your smartphone and Chromecast

Try to restart your applicationAnd the phone, and your box / router if you are at home. Most of the time, restarting the devices solves most of the problems.

Check your internet connection

Your Chromecast app is connected but the service is malfunctioning, the video struggles to stabilize or don't not work at all.

Are you connected to internet, with a stable connection ? It may happen that you have a connection problem due to an unstable internet network. If you are in mobile data, Make sure you get 4G. If you are connected to a WiFi network, make sure you are enough close to the signal.

Update your Chrome browser and Chromecast app

  • Try to update application chromecast (Google Home). To do this, simply go to the Play-store, then my apps. You will be offered an update if it is available. If you have trouble doing it, here is an article we have written to help you do it:

How to update an application on Android

  • Update your Android phone. Also, we have an article specially designed on this subject to help you in your approach:

How to update Android

  • Clear and clean the Chromecast app cache. Why that ?

When you clear the cacheYou clear application data previously accumulated, to facilitate future uses. Sometimes these include malfunctions. Reset the connection operation of the application by emptying the cache, will recreate a potentially more stable connection, start from scratch and erase the previous bugs.

To clear the application cache chromecast (Google Home), follow this little procedure:

  • Go to Settings from your Android smartphone
  • Open the tab Applications
  • Find the app Google Home, then open the
  • Open the menu Storage
  • Press on " empty the cache« 

Here is the set of video issues that you can find on the Chromecast app (Google home) generally try not to leave anything out, it is often a small oversight or a small minor adjustment which blocks all service. Take them step by step Recommendations in order to test at home what works, and you will find a Chromecast app on Android that works in no time.

Do a "reset" of your Chromecast device

It may happen for some unknown reason that your Chromecast device is not working properly. Resetting it can fix this problem. Nothing could be simpler, just hold down the button on the back of your Chromecast device for about 25 seconds. When you have reached the end of the "Reset“, You will see your TV screen change color to be completely white. Don't panic, the process is underway.

Disable battery optimization for the app

The purpose of the battery optimization tool is to limit premature battery wear in certain energy-intensive applications. However, this is done at the expense of the proper functioning of the application. Indeed, it is possible the battery optimizer prevents your Chromecast app from working properly.

To remove it, do this:

  • Go to your Android device settings
  • Open the Battery tab
  • Tap the 3 small vertical dots in the top right corner of your phone screen
  • Tap battery optimizer
  • From there, open the "Unoptimized applications" tab
  • Find Chromecast or Google Home, then click on it
  • Turn off battery optimization, and restart the Chromecast screen sharing process
battery optimization chromecast application