charging problem on polar watch

You just bought a Polar watch, and unfortunately you are impossible to load it. Or you have been using it for many years, and you have the impression that it is at the end of its life, with the charge almost running out.

Before making a drastic decision to throw it away or replace it, here are some tips to try to understand why your Polar watch has a charging problem.

Here is what to do when it is cannot charge your Polar.

Different causes of charging problem on a Polar device

So here is a full rundown of all Potential causes that may prevent your Polar watch from charging properly.

Look for the situation that matches yours in order to find the right answer.

I haven't used my Polar watch for a long time

If you don't not turned on your Polar for many weeks, the battery may be completely discharged.

If this is your case, place your watch on charge for at least 30 minutes, so that it can restart. It is normal for a fully discharged watch to not respond to the first minutes of charging.

If nothing happens, then two options:

  • The charging problem comes from the watch
  • The problem is with the charger

Let's try to exploit these two different situations in order to analyze precisely where the concern comes from.

Impurities prevent normal charging of the watch

Make sure the connection is clean.

It is not impossible that dust or other dirt will interfere with the connection. To remedy this, clean it with a soft lint-free cloth and reconnect your Polar watch.

If you don't see any changes, then let's move on. It is also important to know what activity you have been doing recently.

My Polar watch has been exposed to water

Indeed, water activity can potentially cause concern. Most Polar products have water resistance, but this varies by model.

Do the situations mentioned here represent your case:

  • If you often practice water sports with strong current : With the wear of the components, it is possible that the tightness is gradually put to the test
  • The fall or impacts on your Polar: Repeated knocks on the bracelet can cause a loss of water resistance, or damage the charging part of the device.
  • If you frequently use various products such as soap or shampoo : It is possible that over time this will damage your device. As a precaution, take it off when you shower

Here is also a summary important to know. You may see a code on the back of your watch indicating the degree of water resistance.

Polar references for water exposure

So refer to this code, according to the following interpretation:

  • Water resistant IPX7 : This code means first level of water resistant. These devices are only resistant to rain, splashes, partial exposure to water.
  • Water resistant IPX8 : It is the higher level of resistant. You have here a product that withstands all the exposures mentioned above, and also swimming in the pool or in the bath.
  • Water resistant - water resistant swimming - water resistant 20/30/50 meters - suitable for swimming : this code is relatively close to the one just before. The resistance will be a little increased when swimming, but this does not allow diving, for example.
  • Water resistant 100 meters : Last level of water resistance. With these watches you can dive several meters without worry. Not recommended however for scuba diving.

Here are the different levels of water resistance. If you find that the use of your Polar watch was not adapted to its resistance, then the charging problem may be due to this.

So try to let it dry in a dry place for several hours. Do not attempt to charge it during this time.

If despite everything that has been mentioned above, nothing helps, then maybe the problem is simply with your charger.

My Polar watch charger does not work

If you notice, for example, that an error message appears on the screen, such as " insufficient power source", This explicit message indicates that your charger is not working properly.

In this case, try on another wall outlet, or USB on a computer, to see if it works otherwise.

Know that a new charger on the internet does not cost more than 20 €, so if you feel that this one is not working properly, do not take any risk with your Polar watch.

If, on the other hand, you are using your watch for the first time, and therefore also your charger, make sure that no plastic packaging or other element hinders the connectivity and therefore the charging of your device.

If you find that none of these tips solved the problem, here is the link of Polar customer service in order to see directly with them a repair or replacement:

Polar Customer Service

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