unable to connect huawei band

You got your everything new Huawei connected bracelet today and you try to connect to your smartphone, but nothing helps, it does not work.

You don't know why, but the connection does not work, and it is not possible to synchronize the two devices. Even if by nature these devices are easy to connect, it can sometimes happen that the connection crashes.

In this article, we will show you all the solutions to solve your Huawei band connection problems. Here's what to do when it's unable to connect to your connected bracelet.

Before embarking on the problems solving, we will discuss the prerequisites so that the connection and synchronization is possible.

Conditions for connecting your Huawei to another device

Here are the various parameters essential for the proper functioning of the pairing of your tools.

Here are some tips for synchronization works correctly:

  • Make sure you have Internet on your phone or tablet, by Wifi or mobile data.
  • Make sure you have enough battery on each tool. A lack of battery would place your devices in energy saving, and thus limit the connections in order to preserve the battery.
  • To optimize the Bluetooth connection, make sure the devices are nearby. The Bluetooth range is limited.

Make sure your devices are up to date

It is important that all tools used be up to date. We are talking here about:

  • Phone or tablet, depending on what you use
  • Huawei app version
  • Your Huawei Band device

It goes so facilitate connection between devices. When tools are not up to date, compatibility issues can appear. Keep an eye on the versions used.

What to do when I cannot connect my Huawei Band

Here are the different solutions to implement when the connexion does not happen naturally. The origin of the problem is often the Bluetooth, which can sometimes be difficult. The connections are sometimes difficult to establish.

Restart both devices

Very often, restart a device allows solve a large number of problème. And when you have a synchronization problem, it can also be very useful.

So restart your phone, as well as your Huawei bracelet.

When you turn them back on, here are some precautions to be put in place.

Limit other nearby bluetooth devices when syncing

If you have trouble connecting the two devices via Bluetooth, it may be linked to the multitude of other Bluetooth tools in the area.

Isolate the two devices you want to synchronize, in order to optimize the only Bluetooth connection that interests you here.

Forget the Bluetooth connection in order to synchronize your Huawei Band again

When you have put your devices in good connection conditions, you will try pairing again. To do this, you will then have to "forget" the peripherals in the Bluetooth connections. This will reset the connection between the two devices.

To renew it, remove your Huawei Band from the paired devices in your phone :

  • Go to settings from your smartphone
  • Open the Bluetooth
  • From there, navigate to devices Related, or matched
  • Select your hua braceletwei
  • Press forget, or dissociate

From there you have to again pair the two devices, like you did the first time.

Chances are, this will solve your problem, and allow you to communicate your two tools. If not, let's continue our search for the problem.

Reset your Huawei Band

If you haven't already, and your Huawei bracelet is not new, maybe this manipulation will help you:

  • Scroll through the bracelet menu
  • Press on " More« 
  • Click on reset.
  • Confirm the reset.
  • The bracelet turns off and then turns on again.

From there, restart the connection procedure via the Bluetooth of your devices.

Uninstall and reinstall the Huawei Health app on your smartphone

La synchronization of the two devices is done through the app. It is this which allows an association between your two peripherals. It is therefore possible that it is the cause of connection problems between the two tools.

To remove it, just keep your finger pressed on the logo, then press " désinstaller". You can download again on your Play-store.

Here are all our tips to help you solve your Huawei Band connection problems. If the problem persists, here is the link to Huawei support, which may be able to help you:

Huawei Support