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This question may seem strange, but it can be interesting to ask yourself. Contrary to what one might think, there is a method to use the internet connection in Wifi, and also the 4G data.

So why is that? Why would you want to take advantage of both connections ? In this article, we will explain to you first what can you use it for, and how to put mobile data and Wifi at the same time.

Is it possible to combine mobile data and Wifi simultaneously?

The answer to this question is simple. Yes, it is possible to use mobile data and your Wifi connection together. Purely technically, no the two will not work exactly at the same time. But it is pYou can't use a tool that will intermittently select the better performing network of the two.

So more precisely, it is possible to use them alternately, optimizing your internet network. We explain everything in detail in this article.

Using Wifi and mobile data, how does it work?

You will have tor download a tool that will allow you to take advantage of the bandwidth of both networks. This one goes take advantage of both networks. as selecting the best constantly, alternating between the two.

This is very convenient when you don't have a stable connection, where when you are far from the Wifi network for example. Logically, this is irrelevant if you have access to a fiber network, which is much more stable and efficient than 4G.

What is the use of using both networks?

This allows you to:

  • Limit the connection drop : ie the instability of the network. As soon as the one selected is too low, your phone automatically switches to the other, without loss of quality.
  • Ensure a stable network : Logically, avoiding the loss of the network means that you stabilize your connection enormously. It's perfect for playing games or watching a movie for example.
  • Improve download speed : When you download a file, if your networks are unstable, the speed will be limited. With this technology, you can automatically switch every moment to the strongest connection, thus ensuring a faster download.

How To Use Wifi And Mobile Data At The Same Time On Android

If you're interested, here's how. For this, we use the Speedify app, available on the Play-store for free in a limited version, and then by monthly subscription at a few euros per month.

The limited version allows you to test the application with a limit of 2 GB of data. If that is not enough for you, the subscription will cost € 10.99 per month afterwards.

link download tool to use 4G and wifi at the same time on android

Note that this application also serves as a VPN, and it is not possible to separate the uses. If you want to use your network and Wifi at the same time, you will have to go through the VPN offered by the application.

For more details on this service, see the official website at this address:

Speedify - Official Website: Use your 4G and your Wifi network for better bandwidth

When you have downloaded it, let the installation guide you.

The use is very easy. You will see your two networks appear, and by default, the most efficient one will be chosen. You have nothing to do.

Automatically, the application will allow you to choose the most stable and efficient network, without you having to do anything. As a user, you will therefore have a more stable network, without realizing that your phone switches from Wifi to 4G regularly.

Please note: Don't do that only if you have a sufficient mobile data plan, otherwise without realizing you could use a lot of this data and quickly go out of plan.

For better control over the use of your internet data, we recommend that you read our complete guide on the subject:

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