Power connect two speakers to the same music source makes it possible to amplify the volume, and above all, to distribute it better in a room. Instead of having a single speaker, which will sound very loud near, and poor quality at a distance, it may be worth trying to connect several speakers, for a better distributed sound, or a stereo sound.

But is this possible with Bose brand speakers? The answer is yes, but not with all models.

Bose has developed an application called Bose Connect, and that allows multiple speakers to be connected simultaneously to the same music source. But it only works with the Sound Link Revolve and Revolve + models.

If you have other speaker models, here is an article to help you:


So if you don't have one of these two speakers, you won't be able to connect them together. If you have two of these speakers, then here's how to connect them.

In this article, we will therefore help you to connect 2 Bose Sound Link speakers together, in order to benefit from a better sound experience.

Is it possible to connect 2 Bose Sound Links together?

Technically, you do not directly connect the two speakers together. They go work together, but will be individually connected to the music source.

You will have access to two different modes:

  • Evening mode: The sound emitted by the two speakers is identical, allowing it to be amplified and better distributed in a room. Perfect for a festive evening.
  • Stereo mode : The sound is distributed between a right speaker, and a left speaker. This gives a better feeling of 3D, and spatialization of noises. Perfect for watching movies.

Imagine for example that you want put music from your Android smartphone. So you go connect the two Sound Link speakers to your phone, then control the sound from this phone. this is how to connect two Bose Sound Link speakers together to the same phone.

How to connect two Bose Sound Link speakers to the same phone

Here is the procedure for be able to connect the 2 Sound Link speakers to each other. For optimal operation, it is strongly recommended to use the official app of Bose: Connect.

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How to connect two Bose Sound Link speakers to the same phone

So here are the different steps for use Bose Connect to pair 2 speakers together :

  • So download the application, then install it on your phone.
  • The first step when you have the app is to pair one of your speakers, and only one for the moment. It is important to connect only one at this stage of the procedure, because the 2nd will be paired in a different way. Turn on the speaker using the power buttonthen activate bluetooth on your phone, and your speaker.

If you have a bluetooth problem, here's some help:


  • When the first speaker is connected, you will be able to connect the 2nd. You will be on the menu below:
How to connect two Bose Sound Link speakers to the same phone
  • Simply press the logo of 2 speakers, here circled in red. You can now pair the 2nd speaker to your phone, and connect the 2 Sound Link speakers together.
  • just turn on the Bluetooth on it, and connect it to your phone. When this is done, you are by default in party mode. This means, as explained above, that the same sound comes from both speakers. If you want switch to stereo mode, with a left and right speaker, it is enough activate the option, as below:
Is it possible to connect 2 Bose Sound Links together?
  • And here is the work! Your two Bose speakers are connected to the same sound source, and you can use them as you see fit.